Grace VanderWaal Cast As The Lead In ‘Stargirl’

Grace VanderWaal, who at 12 years old won America’s Got Talent is becoming a Disney Star. She’s already made an impression on the world with her powerful voice, and now she has landed the starring role in Stargirl, the first movie for Disney’s new streaming service.

VanderWaal, who beat out 700 other hopefuls, will make her acting debut in the film.

“I knew she was Stargirl almost immediately,” said the director, Julia Hart. “The world knows what a talented performer she is, and I cannot wait for everyone to see just how many sides there are to this special and magical young woman.”

Stargirl is based on the book by Jerry Spinelli, which became extremely popular after President Obama was seen buying it for his girls. The books is a “celebration of nonconformity,” and is about a girl who starts high school after years of being homeschooled. She’s unlike anyone and her personality is admired by everyone. She catches the eye of Leo, a shy guy, who likes her, but when he see’s popularity and everyones thoughts on Stargirl changing, he has to decide to keep his head down and not show his feelings or be unapologetic and show his feelings for the girl that he’s truly fallen for.

Stargirl is the first film that Disney has announced for the streaming service, which plans to release 4-5 films a year. It is being produced by The Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Lee Stollman in association with Hahn’s Hahnscape Entertainment. No word on release date yet.