‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×06 Review: Come on Down to My Boat, Baby

We all like to play hooky once in a while to get away from our daily duties sometimes, right?

This week’s episode of Grey Anatomy was a delightful one to watch. This season has been going well thus far. As soon as I read that the guys will take a day off and chill on a boat, I knew I would enjoy this episode.


The funniest thing about that whole outing was that none of the guys knew how to boat. But I guess just chilling on the boat is just fine too! It was nice to see the guys enjoying themselves, having a laugh, and joking around with each other. During that time we even find out that Ben has different plans for himself and doesn’t want that “white coat”. He wants to be a fire fighter, aka he’s going to be leaving for that new spin-off about firefighters. Ben is a cool dude, sad to see that he’ll eventually be leaving the show for that. Jackson is living that loaded life with all the extra money, he might as well enjoy it while he can. Loved that Batmobile of a ride that he had as well. The guys geeking over it was funny to watch.


That was one INTERESTING patient! I could never, even if you paid me a million dollars do something wild like that for a significant other. No one is worth that risk. A gun in a vagina is just too much. I laughed way too hard when that gun shot through her stomach and reached that hypochondriac patient so fast.  Thanks to the writers for the funny bit.


It’s great to see Meredith being recognized for her work and being on the cover of that magazine. Do you see her being sad about Nathan? Nope! I’m glad we see her in this episode like nothing ever happened, because she is just not that type of person to pout about a guy knowing that she wasn’t THAT into him.

I love Meredith. I love her persona and how she handles situations with pose and integrity and a lot of heart. When that judge patient of her died, it got me feeling teary-eyed just like how it did to her. Her compassion goes above all things sometimes, and I think he also kind of reminded her of Derek in some distant way.


Sooo Owen just hooked up with Carina, and poor DeLuca just has to stop mentioning that he has a sister. That was totally unexpected! But I’m not sure if Owen knew DeLuca had a sister this whole time or that he didn’t know she wasn’t an intern? I’m sure I’d be annoyed if I was DeLuca.

Amelia, girl, whatchu doooing? TOM? Out of all people? That was definitely random. Sleeping with your mentor. Ehhh. Though I’m glad that Owen and her are able to stay cordial and be friends now. I just hope they never, ever try to get back together.

Overall this episode was hilarious, it had a lot of funny moments.

Prepare yourself for next week because it’s the…300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy!!! Wow!

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC!

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