‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×5 Review: Danger Zone

Every now and then Grey’s Anatomy has a episode that steers away from the usual Grey’s Sloan Memorial Hospital scenary and cast and focuses on a certain character or two on their story.

On Season 14 Episode 5 it does just that as it not only goes down memory lane but gives us closure and a departure all at the same time.

Lemme just tell you that I was quite fine with this episode. By a lot. It got emotional, yes, but we were able to find out some truth about what really happened with Nathan and Megan when they were in the war-zone.

I absolutely loved Abigail Spencer’s portrayal of Megan. She brought a lot of heart and soul to the character and she just seemed to fit along well with Owen.

I can see why Megan wanted to lived her own new life now without Owen. He really is the epitome of a what your average big brother or just a brother that cares for you deeply really is. But a girl needs her own story, her own mistakes, and her own new beginning. He let her go and I’m glad that he did.

But you know what I’m also glad about the other decision he decided to make? Ending it with Amelia.

This has nothing to do with her brain tumor, nothing at all. But Amelia and Owen were bad together from the gecko. Giving himself and also giving her that closure is what they both needed. Owen’s love life hasn’t been the best with Cristina leaving and then not really meshing well with Amelia. It was too fast. But I really, really hope his potentially new love interest that comes along the way someday is the right fit for him. Someone that will share the same interest in having a child, someone he can really open up to and not feel belittled with.

Owen deserves a happy ending. I sound like I’m acting like he’s departing the show but you know what I mean!

Speaking of departing…

This really was an official goodbye to Nathan Riggs, huh? Just like that. Another reason why I enjoyed this episode, he decided to be with Megan and start this whole California dream-like life with her and Farooq. I am glad.

It’s not that I hated Riggs, it’s just that I didn’t want him with Meredith. I know everyone was psyched to have Meredith start something new with someone else after Derek, but it honestly felt dull to me. It was just Nathan being persistent most of the time and she was fine with her life as it is. Not everyone is meant to jump to something new just to be “happy”. Meredith has her children, her job, and her family. I think she’s just fine.

Overall, “Danger Zone” was a decent episode, an episode straying away from it’s usual theme of Grey’s Anatomy. Now the question is, what will Owen be up to next?

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday at 8/9c on ABC.

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