Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever Review


“That’s a different kind of Lifetime movie.”

We all know who Grumpy Cat is, right? She’s the menacing fur ball who can be seen scowling in pet food commercials as well as all over our social media dashboards. “Another thing?!” You may be asking. Well, this self-aware television movie, which premiered on Lifetime on Saturday night, aims to be the worst Christmas movie.

The setting: the mall. Even more specific: the independently-owned pet store in the mall, where we meet little miss Grumpy Cat and her furry (and some times reptilian) friends. Along comes Crystal, who’s an outcast and the daughter of a single mom. Her dad ran away with a barista.

The movie gets even more cliche with the stupid criminals who can’t quite outsmart 12 year old Crystal. They’re hoping to steal something valuable from the mall and make it rich so they can take their band to the next level. Of course, they try to steal the million dollar dog.

Although the pet owner doesn’t take the route to turn Grumpy into a viral sensation, everyone in the movie seems to be quite aware of how memes and other viral content works. That’s what really kept me around. It could have been totally cringe-worthy, but I really respected the fact that it was knowledgable about memes and the like. And the fact that there weren’t a billion other memes involved in the movie. Sure, we see Keyboard Cat and a couple other cat-related videos near the beginning, but that’s it. Everything else is centered around Grumpy and her journey to help save the pet store.

Along with the awareness of memes and how viral things work, there were plugs throughout the movie to get people to live tweet, which is quite bold, but not unusual. Especially since the voice of Grumpy Cat, Aubry Plaza, was live tweeting the whole thing for the East Coast feed.

Here are some gems:

Some other hysterically ridiculous things that happen in this movie:
Other talking animals (that Crystal can’t hear)
A car chase
Alternate story lines
Cat Christmas songs for the last few minutes of the movie
Suggesting sequels
Plugs for ridiculous merchandise
and the fact that Lifetime played this movie on repeat for the whole entire night. Yes.

Overall, this movie is absolutely bad in all of my favorite ways as well as being truly heart-warming. And I’m pretty sure getting adopted by a cat is how animal adoption really works. Really.

Whether or not you like cats or mall cops, check out this movie ASAP. Check your local listings because I’m sure they’ll keep playing it until New Years. Definitely putting this one on my yearly to-watch Christmas Movie list!

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