The Cast Of ‘Hamilton’ Has Finally Been Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Emma Watson just blessed us with a new #HeForShe interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Broadways hit musical Hamilton. If you haven’t heard of this magical musical, Hamilton follows the life and times of the United States first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. The play also features other prominent founding fathers including Washington, Jefferson and the infamous Arron Burr. Through the use of Hip-Hop, Miranda has created a unique musical that is for Broadway and Kanye lovers alike.


So when Miranda had the chance to ask Emma Watson a question after the interview, his first question was “because the fandom is real, what Hogwarts house would we have to sort the founders in?” And in true Hermione fashion, Watson pulled out a list.

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“Ok, because I’m Hermione I had to plan this out. I have it on paper.”

Before Watson could give us a list Miranda reminded us that “You can only be in one house”, “none of this half and half stuff!”

“Its true, you can only live in one house!” Watson replied.

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And so they began….

Hamiltons love interests; Angelica and Eliza Schuler were first sorted into there houses.

Angelica for Ravenclaw because, just, she’s all brain.”

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“She decides to do the smart thing, rather than follow her heart.”

Eliza is a Gryffindor, “All heart, all courage.”

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Arron Burr is fitingly a Slytherin.

“Aaron Burr is obviously a slytherin, just, all ambition.”

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Miranda then starts laughing at just how serious Watson is taking this whole affair and asks that; “when you put this on twitter please put the Gif of her raising her hand.”

“Me, me! I have all the answers!” Watson replies.


Watson even admits that for Burr,”There could have been a case for Hufflepuff.”

So what about Alexader Hamilton? The answer is Gryffindor.

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“For me, he’s all authenticity, all courage.”

Fittingly so, Miranda admits that as a soldier Hamiltons nickname was, “the little lion.”


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Finally, Miranda tells Watson that her co-star Danielle Radcliffe put Hamilton into Ravenclaw.

“He went, Ravenclaw, Definitely”

“Why, though?” Watson replied.

“I don’t know?”

“I’m going to have to call him about this.”

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So what do you think of the founding fathers (and women’s) houses? Do you think Watson is right or are you on Danielle Radcliffe’s side?

Bonus: During the interview Miranda taught Emma Watson BEATBOXING and it IS EVERYTHING



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