Happy 10th Anniversary, Percy Jackson! #ReadRiordan

My son has always been a huge Percy Jackson fan, even before he could read. He owns Riptide and loved that sword since the first film came out. Like my daughter who grew up side-by-side with Harry Potter; my son has grown up with Percy Jackson. Two years ago, he read the entire series in five days. He has always read above grade level, but for Percy Jackson, I think he’d walk across burning coals of fire. It’s wild how much he adored the character before he even got a chance to meet him onscreen or in books. And yet, having read the series while my little guy was toddling about certainly probably played a huge part in his adoration for the half blood hero.

Which is why I am so delighted to be a part of the Percy Pack and be a representative for the series and Rick Riordan in the 10th Anniversary celebrations. His characters mean a lot to us, and my son felt connected to Percy Jackson even though I never did. Nico di Angelo is my favorite and with him, I found a character who embodied the angsty kid that I relate to! He just had so many anger issues and reminded me of a mini-Hades.

So whoever, whichever character you like the most… tell us. We want to know why the Percy Jackson series is important to you. If you’re lucky, your memories might win you a prize pack during these Anniversary celebrations. In fact, leave a comment below telling me your favorite character from the series and/or why you adore the books and that character, and I’ll enter you into the giveaway for a boxed set! (Giveaway will run the entire month of June.)

Seriously… check out these details:
boxedpercy One (1) winner receives the complete Percy Jackson and the Olympians box set! 

Open to US addresses only. Prizing provided by Disney-Hyperion. 

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Today, we’re giving you a head start on the party details! Did you know that you can download the 10th Anniversary Activity Kit already and starting now, you can get The Lightening Thief for just .99 cents for your e-reader. Pretty AWESOME, right?! Yep… we’re breaking it down for you below.


Available starting June 12th, visit ReadRiordan.com to download a special 10th anniversary Percy Pack Activity Kit.

The perfect moment to get your friends hooked on the series you love! On June 15thThe Lightning Thief will be discounted to $.99 across all eBook accounts for one full week (6/15-6/22). It also includes a sneak peek chapter excerpt fromMagnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book One: The Sword of Summer.


Catch a sneak peek of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book One: The Sword of Summer available online at ReadRiordan.com!


The perfect gift for new and faithful Percy fans: Barnes & Noble offers customers an exclusive Collector’s Edition of The Lightning Thief to celebrate the 10th anniversary. This version includes extra content from both author and illustrator as well as a specially designed jacket and endpapers. Purchase here.

Don’t leave us hanging. We’re calling all heroes, young and old to join us. It’s time to get your Greek on… or Roman if you prefer. Even if you’d like to just stick with your geek-fu, we’re good with that too. So c’mon and join our Percy Pack. We’re going to have so much fun!


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  • fernanda zuniga

    My favorite character is Annabeth because she uses her brain and proves how badass and intelligent a woman can be.
    I also love Percy because he shows us that no hero is perfect. :)

    • Annabeth definitely shows that sometimes brain beats brawn although she’s darn good in a fight if she needs to be too. Pretty darn courageous. And yes, Percy might be flawed but he never gives up or quits trying to do what’s right.

  • Amelia

    I like Percy because he links the book series together and has a lot of depth on what it is like to be a son of a god. sweepsamelia@hotmail.com

    • Percy is such a good role model!

  • Megan Stone

    I love Percy. His character is what drew me into the book series to begin with, but with every strong male, they need a strong female counterpart. When we first met Annabeth, I was like, ugh, she’s going to be annoying, but by the end of the series I was rooting so much for her. With her brains and her all around “awesomeness”, she definitely ended up being my favorite, with Percy following closely behind ha!

    • How great is it that Annabeth snuck up on you! Flawed characters are made for that reason. Annoying, less than perfect but oh so relatable and lovable. Annabeth and Percy are a team effort for sure… along with Grover, right?! Those three are nothing without each other. :)

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