Harry Styles and Zayn Malik Face Off in Esquire

Okay, not technically, but they are doing battle for the magazines highest style honor of 2018. While there has certainly been no love lost between Malik and his former 1D bandmates, this particular face off is not about music, movies, or anything to do with their respective talents.

This time, it’s all about the clothes.

Since most ‘best dressed’ lists are more about the politics than the clothes, this year Esquire is enlisting its readers to determine the winners. And it looks like Styles and Malik have made the quarter finals.

There is no denying that both men have very distinct and enviable styles. Malik is no stranger to trying new things, the brooding singer can range from the pink suit of the Grammys to his punk street style with ease, and make it looking amazingly (and jealousy inducing) easy.

For those familiar with Harry’s uber successful solo career, you have witnessed him move on from the boyband safety of skin tight jeans and t-shirts to sequins, shimmer and silk of the Styles-era. Dressing much like his mentors (Mick Jagger, for one), Harry isnt afraid to raise a few eyebrows with his fabric choices, flared pants, coupled with high end labels such as Gucci and Saint Laurent. He has won the title of style icon in many eyes already….so will he take Esquires title as well?

That is up to you to decide.

Courtesy of Esquire


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