Harry Styles has cut his hair! This is not a drill!


Attention One Direction fandom! Harry Styles has cut his luscious locks! This is not a drill!

The moment the fandom has feared for almost two years now has happened. The lovely, flowing, Pantene commercial hair of Harry Styles is no more. And the fandom (myself included) is in mourning.

Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

A photo posted by @harrystyles on

With a sneaky and sassy Instagram post, Mr Styles shows himself holding a ponytail of his beautiful hair, no longer attached to his beautiful head. With the caption simply ‘whoops’, I know I for one lost my mind. Rather embarrassingly, since I was at the gym.

It is thought to be in preparation for his first major movie role in Christopher Nolans WWII ‘Dunkirk’, which is set to begin filming shortly in France. It is a moment many fans have been expected, but also dreading, since we have become rather attached and jealous of Harrys lovely hair.

Now that it is official, the fandom reacts on Twitter:

‘I think we need to observe a moment of silence – Nic’ (@1D_AfterDark)

‘2013 Harry will rise once more!’ (@Amber_Love222)

‘I didn’t think I was so emotionally invested in hair’ (@oneddirtygirls)

And of course, a brand new hashtag: #RIPHarrysHair

On the bright side, though, the hair went to a good cause. As he hinted to some time ago, Harry has donated it to Little Princess Trust.

Well played, Mr Styles. Well played.

Now, how about a selfie?

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