Harry Styles Face Times Fan, Causes Fandom to Swoon…obviously

In the wake of signing a massively huge and impressive record deal worth a reported $80 million, Harry Styles reminds us that his heart of gold is worth more than any silly record deal.

Styles face timed a lucky fan, through the Make a Wish Foundation, and beyond the incredible CmZI9AsWAAAxDul.jpg_largeexperience it was for that fan, the fandom in general is reaping the benefits…

Take a look at this… *SWOON*

That’s right, people. Short hair Harry rises again, and this time, hits us right in the feels…

Debate among the fandom (and my personal friend group) still wavers between those who love the short hair, versus those who long for the long locks to make a return in short order. All I know, is either way I enjoy the view and the lovely soul that is Harry Styles.

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