Harry Styles Latest Gucci Campaign Hits our Screens

Harry Styles reign as the king of fashion continues with his latest campaign with Gucci. Partnering with Alessandro Michele, new images from the third collaboration between the hit maker and fashion rule breaker have been released, and it proves that both men are not afraid to challenge norms, and take things in unexpected directions.

Michele was the creative mind behind Styles Met Gala ensemble that saw him wearing a black, sheer, ruffled shirt and high waisted pants, with a single pearl drop earring in line with the 2019 Camp theme. The reception to the look was mixed, with some saying Styles played it too safe, and others singing his praises.

For this new fall campaign, however, it is clear the duo held nothing back. Posing with taxidermied swans, Harry poses in an abandoned mansion and the decrepit grounds, his feathered friends an interesting addition to the scene. This is of course not the first time Harry has posed with animals. Previous Gucci campaigns have been him share the page with chickens, piglets and lambs.

The latest campaign was photographed by Harmony Korine.


What do you think of Harry’s campaign?

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