Harry Styles London Home Vandalized


350D7E4200000578-3631040-image-a-107_1465382555672She said I had a dirty mouth…..


*cough* Sorry…I had to.


For One Direction fans travelling to London for vacation, or those who live in the beautiful city, the location of Harry Styles home is usually a staple visit. The tell tale brick wall and intermittent cluster of Directioner’s makes it easy to spot, and many take a snap of the locale to commemorate their moment.


Unfortunately, the home has recently been vandalized with some rather crude graffiti. C— was strayed on the side of Harry’s home in recent days, leaving the pristine white wall marked with the offense.


With Harry currently away filming Christopher Nolan’s WWII film Dunkirk, the scene is thankfully not one he will have to view in person. Hopefully it will be cleaned up and restored to its original glory before he returns.


There is no news on suspects or cause or the vandalism at this time.

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