Harry Styles: Movie Star


It has begun.


After months of rumor, speculation and hints, Harry Styles is officially a movie star. Photos surfaced early today of Styles on the set of Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s new film of the WWII events. Of course, it didn’t take long for fans to converge, taking pictures that could only be considered from hiding in the bushes.


Now, I am all for Harry branching out and trying his hand at acting. In fact, I encourage it. We all need to step out of our normal routines and test the waters. So I am definitely ‘team Harry’ in this venture.


Rumor has it that the short hair we have gotten capped pics of since he cut his beautiful flowing locks has gotten even shorter! Apparently, once arriving on set his hair was cut back even more, and is not shaved at the sides, short on top! Oh my…


Of course, these little glimpses of Harry in 1940’s soldier garb is causing me a few chest pains, and more than one frantic voice note to my squad with fantasies of the sexiness that is Harry in uniform….and it is only day 1.


I don’t even know how I will handle watching him on the big screen.


Good luck, Harry! You will do grand!


NOTE: all the photos coming out online today have been fan paps. I have my own strong opinions regarding their presence on set, and because of this, will not be featuring any of the pix in my articles. When official pictures come out, then I will be all over them like I am to a cheesecake…

I am of the opinion to leave him be, let him do this job. He will be nervous enough as it is, being new to the acting world. Think of the company he is in…Academy Award nominees and winners. We don’t want him to be viewed as a fan stalked pop star by his colleagues. So please, step back and let him do this without the insanity of this fandom crashing down his door. MY OPINION.

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