Harry Styles Signs with Columbia Records

The News has been flying in the last few hours, the media swarming over reports that Harry Styles has signed a solo recording contract with Columbia records.

As reported by Billboard, Styles has signed on with the same label that held One Direction, and while no details, timeline, or other info is available as of yet, everyone within the music, fandom, world is twittering with this news.

Although, the concept of Harry solo ventures is not something of a surprise. Last year, several songs were registered under his name with ASCAP ; and in March, Harry signed on with Jeff Azoff management company Full Stop. So, in reality, this news should come as a shock.

Now, while Harry is currently busy filming Dunkirk, and looking mighty fine in his 1940’s solider attire, we will have to wait a wee bit until any new music from our fav green eyed lad emerges.

I have a feeling Harry will be dominating in 2017…new movie, and now….new music?


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