Harry Styles: Singer, Songwriter….Actor?



Anyone who follows One Direction, and Harry Styles in particular, knows that he is a man of many talents. Singer, songwriter, performer. He is genuine, caring and sweet, always the first to step in to visit an ill fan or even pull them from a crushing crowd. Rumors surround him on any given day, and Directioners are charged with wadding through the headlines to try and decipher which are true, and which are fallacy.

Headlines that Mr Styles would be making an appearance on TV screens came several months ago, when it was reported that he may make a cameo on the popular Fox TV series Scream Queens. The premise of the show is a serial killer on a university campus, very retrospective of 1996’s Scream. The internet went into a tailspin as fans tried to figure out if their beloved Styles would actually be appearing. No confirmation from the 1D camp arose, and hollywoodharry-300x169eventually the rumor died off.

But today, another big screen possibly arose with Harrys name in the cast listing. But this time, multiple respected networks and media lines including Billboard, reported the same story: Harry Styles to start in Christopher Nolans’ WWII epic Dunkirk. A film by Warner Bros, the film focuses on the British military evacuation of the French city of Dunkirk in 1940. Production is slated to begin in May, with Kenneth Rylance and Tom Hardy along side.

Harry has apparently voiced interest in acting over the years, but had never taken the change due to touring and other commitments with 1D. Now that the band is on hiatus, this would seem the perfect time for Harry to try his hand at other creative outlets. Harrys role is not a leading one, as the director has been searching for relatively unknown (in the acting world) young actors for smaller roles.

Dunkirk is slated for a July 2017 release.

As with most things One Direction related, fans, while in a tizzy, know that until it is reported from Harry himself, it is better not to assume news lines to be truth. However, with so many reputable reports of this new challenge in his life, it is hard to think of it as merely rumor.

What do you think? Do you think Harry has decent acting chops? Or is this just another rumor to the 1D whirlwind?

All I can say is….his character better not die, or I will riot.

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