Harry Styles Takes Stage Style to a Whole New Level

Anyone who knows Harry Styles also knows that he has a certain flare for dramatic fashion. During his time with One Direction, he was known as the style icon, taking on over the top fashion choices, and challenging boundaries with regard to what he wore. From the ‘Grandma’s couch’ suit at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, to the bandanas, skin tight jeans and long hair, Harry has made it quite clear that he loves to take risks and branch out with more than just his music.

Currently on the second leg of his solo tour, fans have been equally as thrilled with his fashion choices as his performances. For those unable to attend the shows, they take to Twitter to wait and watch for snip its of what Styles has chosen to wear each night, and it seems that he continues to push the boundaries and raise more than a few eyebrows.

Fangirlish takes a look at a few of the recent choices from his tour, and other notable wears.

Most recently, in Milan, Harry pulled no punches. Many fans had a sneaking suspicion that Harry would choose something with a little more flare, as Milan is known for his fashion scene. And he certainly didnt disappoint as he stepped out in a glittery purple Gucci custom suit matched with a glittery gold shirt with rather large bow accent.

Kiwi has become an anthem of sorts for the Styles fandom, with its ‘idgaf’ tenor and energetic beat. When

we learned a video was on the way, we couldnt wait to see what Harry and his team would produce. When it actually aired….I for one was a little confused. Granted, Harry is never one to put forth the expected, and he kept that up with this video. Beyond the treatment, was his suit choice, keeping with his colorful, ‘out there’ style in a blue flowered option from Gucci

Harry has been a steady fixture at many awards ceremonies during this 2018 award season. At the 2018 Arias, he took the change to appear in a bright, glittery purple suit tailored to perfection from Alexander McQueen.

Award show season is the time most celebs like to take risks with their fashion choices, and have the ability to think outside the box. But for Harry, he does that every night in concert, so how do you top that at an award show? Well, he found a way with this Gucci suit that seemed to channel a little Harley Quinn / Austin Powers at the iHeart Music Awards.

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A final option is a suit that is calm in comparison, but still raised quite a frenzy among the fandom. It isnt the colors, the sparkles, or the flamboyance…no. It is the….fit, shall I say? Hugging Harry’s curves in all the right ways, gifs and images with this particular ‘matador meets jack skellington’ turned Twitter into a hormonal and squealing mess within minutes of those first images hitting the feeds. Harry, what is your secret? (see photo at the bottom of this article).

No doubt, Harry will continue to thrill concert goers as he continues this leg of his solo tour, and we are just as excited for the fashion as we are the vocals. Keep it up, Harry!

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