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Harry Styles to Grace Rolling Stone September Cover

Harry Styles to Grace Rolling Stone September Cover

Well, he’s done it again. Without even trying, Harry Styles has imploded a fandom into a frenzy of fainting, squeeing, and incomprehensible tweeting.

Some fans may remember several months ago when Harry was seen out and about wearing what looked like dark eyeliner. Some said it was for a fun, others speculated it was for a video, but many heard the rumor that he had just left the set of his latest Rolling Stone cover.

It seems that the Rolling Stone cover was in fact true, and today the magazine lit up the Harry Styles fandom by posting said cover on their Instagram.

Featuring a smiling and shirtless Styles, the cover left many, at first, wondering if it was the real thing as cropped images found their way online. But it didn’t take long for Rolling Stone to hop into the fray and confirm that Mr. Styles will be their cover boy for the September issue, available on newsstands September 3.

With a title of ‘Sex, Psychedelics and Stardom’, we can’t freaking wait to get our greedy grabby hands on a copy.

And by the looks of fan reactions, we aren’t the only ones.

So, what are your thoughts on the latest Rolling Stone cover? It would seem that it is merely the start of what many in the fandom are referring to as HS2, as Styles is expected to drop new music soon. Or, at least that is the hope of fans worldwide.

I guess we just have to wait and see!

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