Harry Styles Wears a Kilt and it is Glorious

Sometimes, you dont know you need something in your life until you see it right in front of you. Something that gives you joy, breathes life back into your wilted form, and makes you see the light. In this particular case, I am talking about Harry Styles in a kilt.

April 14, 2018 during his Glasgow UK concert, Styles did just that. Already known for thrilling fans with his fashion choices as much as his vocal ability, he took it one step further for his Scottish fans and donned the most appropriate of attire.

Early on in the night, while doing his introduction, he answered the question that was on everyones mind.

“I’m Harry, and to answer your question….no.”

Flashing his toned thighs and white knee highs, Styles didnt let his short attire limit his dancing, which is yet another thrill of his shows. And, of course, his infamous ‘whale’.

The Twitterverse as combusted, fans are in a frenzy, and the kilt even has its own Twitter, which is absolutely hilarious. @Harrys_Kilt

We cant wait to see what else he comes up with. Harry, I mean. Not the kilt.

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