Harry Styles wins Fittest Boy…no surprise

Despite being on hiatus from One Direction, the lack of spotlight hasn’t seemed to harm Harry Styles effect on the general populous. His charm, looks and overall loveliness still continues while he has started the transition from music to film.

gettyimages-500815524-p_2016So of course it comes as no surprise to us (or anyone with eyes) that Harry Styles has won Miss Vogues ‘Fittest Boy’ title.

Even though some thought that chopping off his enviable locks earlier this year may hurt his appeal, it seems that has not been the case. Harry bested a group of 50 lads to win the title, and we must strongly agree.

The magazine team understands his appeal:

“The hair may be gone but the charm forever remains with the One Direction heartthrob turned Hollywood actor.”

Long hair, short hair, no hair, doesn’t matter to us. Harry is a fit one, for sure.


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