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Hayden Byerly To Guest Star on ‘Good Trouble’

Hayden Byerly To Guest Star on ‘Good Trouble’

What exactly is Good Trouble? I mean I know that it is a spin off of The Fosters, but what I am saying is what constitutes “Good Trouble”. I am asking because I am frequently told that I am trouble – so I want to be the good kind.

I have to admit – I was glad to see The Fosters end. It felt like it was the same story line told 50 different ways and that made me over the show. But I loved the characters and felt like I wanted to see them grow up and be better humans. Adults that helped to change the world.

I guess that is why I am excited for Good Trouble.

It wouldn’t have really been an accurate portrayal of Callie’s life if Jude wasn’t in it. Those two are ride or dies and though I expected cast members from The Fosters to show up in the spin off, I have often wondered what Callie and Jude’s relationship turns into. Do the stay as close as they are?

Do they grow apart?

Well we’re going to find out as Hayden Byerly will reprise his Fosters role as Jude Adams Foster in an episode of Good Trouble.

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“He’s doing a lot better at school,” executive producer Joanna Johnson told TVLine. “We really enjoyed seeing Hayden play older [in the finale]. I thought he just killed it. I thought he was really great. So we’re excited to see 19-year-old Jude. He is in a better place than we left him.”

We’re glad to know that he’s in a better place and can’t wait to see Hayden bring Jude back to life on Good Trouble.

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