Who The Hell Is Killing the Teens of Lakewood???




As the season of Scream comes to a close, it means we are nearing the BIG!! HUGE!!! KILLER REVEAL!!! But before the killer takes off the mask and all of us are like O. M. G. let’s discuss who could actually be the killer. Or at least, these are my theories.

Eli Hudson


Although not the first on my list in the beginning of the season, Eli has totally been giving off the killer vibe — only killers eat cereal at 3am, right? Anyway, here are some more reasons why Eli is probably the killer:

  • When he tried to make breaking and entering into people’s houses a totally chill thing to do, even though it’s N O T.
  • Maybe he was the one Haley was giving the BJ to before she was stabbed open at the party (Eli was nowhere to be found in that episode, remember??? Hmmmm)
  • He knew what the Mayor did and was most likely the one who sent those texts to the Mayor to lure him to the pig farm and then kill him….
  • Uhm, not to mention his attendance to Will’s funeral. Super weird.

Ms. Lang


We could have what we didn’t get with Mr. B if Ms. Lang was the killer. TBH, she’s got some pretty damning evidence:

  • Her relationship with Piper (you know who I’m talking about)
  • All those tapes of her conversations with Emma and Co about what happened with Piper (but she just says its for her “informal case study” lmao, okay)
  • Had and survived an interaction with the killer, which then makes me wonder if there are two killers again….

Kieran Wilcox


On my list of suspects, I have ALWAYS suspected Kieran, even from season one. And not just because of his Dad-attude, but also because of these reasons:

  • His ability to disappear whenever the killer is around
  • His ability to reappear after the killer is gone
  • That whole stunt at the carnival — where the killer “tied him up”
  • He always looks somewhat confused and doesn’t know how to react whenever the killer is brought up

Brooke Maddox


I honestly don’t have any solid reasoning to back up Brooke being the killer. I just think it would be a SUPER AWESOME plot twist if she killed both her boyfriend and her dad. Like dang, girl, you’re low-key kind of my hero.

Now, all I need is the reasoning behind whoever is killing the teens of Lakewood. I expect good, fleshed out back stories and answers! But anyway, these are my theories on who the killer is. Let me know your thoughts and guesses!

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