Here’s Everything We Know About ‘After’ So Far…

It’s the moment Afternators have been waiting for for years. Literally years, since Anna Todd’s phenom broke the internet (well, Wattpad). The story that captivated a generation gained more than 1 billion reads online, a publishing deal leading to international best seller bragging rights, and now a film in production with Calmaple and Offspring Entertainment.

The story follows Tessa Young, the sweet, good girl with the reliable boyfriend as she embarks on her first year of college. She is driven, ambitious, and has a mother determined to keep her on track. She barely steps foot into her dorm room when a catalyst hits her like a British tidal wave in Hardin Scott. Moody, crass and covered in tattoos, he couldnt be more different from her. His attitude borders on cruel, and everything about him says she should hate him. But there is something about him that captivates her, and she cant break his spell.  He pulls her in only to push her away, bringing out Tessa’s inquisitive side as she struggles to get to know this mercurial boy. She has the perfect boyfriend already, but she cant seem to stay away from Hardin.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the story to hit the big screen, and it looks like that is about to happen. The film starts shooting July 16 in Atlanta, with author Anna Todd seemingly just as excited about it all as we are.

Guys!! Can you guess whose childhood home this is?? Tessa’s house is almost exactly what I pictured ??? I’m leaving on Sunday for Atlanta for the movie and I don’t even know how to process it lol. I’m so grateful to have you all on this journey with me. As you may have heard, Julia will no longer be playing the role of Tessa. As sad as I am to see her go, I’m also so excited to share Tessa with you and the rest of the cast over the next few weeks! GUYS!! WERE MAKING A MOVIEEE WHATTT. *cries* #aftermovie – Anna Todd INSTAGRAM

The original casting of the film placed Julia Telles in the role of Tessa with Hero Finnes Tiffin in the role of Hardin. But with only weeks before production was about to begin, scheduling conflicts forces Telles to step away from the role. In her place, Josephine Langford has been cast as Tessa, bringing and immediate connection and humanity to the characters we have loved from the page.

Here is a little information about the casting thus far:

DIRECTOR, Jenny Gage

While Gage has limited titles under her belt so far, with the 2016 film All This Panic as her main film credit, fans have taken to the director with true ‘After’ love. Author Anna Todd praised Gage and her talent when announcing the role late last year.

“Sooo this is Jenny Gage and she’s the badass who’s directing the After movie! (I might be crying and screaming at the same time)  I’ve been waiting and waiting to share this and now it’s here!!!!!” – Anna Todd

TESSA YOUNG, Josephine Langford

Sister of 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford, Josephine stepped into a role that very well may change her life. Previous screen credits include ‘Wish Upon’ alongside Joey King (another Wattpad to film starring actress with The Kissing Booth on Netflix). Todd has stated previously that she is eager to bring new, fresh faces onto the screen, and Langford is the perfect fit. Her elegance and beauty match that of Tessa perfectly, and we cant wait to see how she brings the role to life.


HARDIN SCOTT, Hero Finnes-Tiffin

Best known for his role as young Voldemort in the sixth Harry Potter film, The Half Blood Prince, Finnes-Tiffin already comes from acting royalty. Uncle Ralph Finnes played the role of Voldemort himself. With his Harry Potter director David Yates crediting him with his ability to channel the “corners and dark moods and odd spirit of the character”, the skill will give him the perfect experience to channel Hardin’s moody ways.

JACE, Swen Temmel

With more than 70 acting credits to his name, Temmel is well practiced in the art of Hollywood. With guest roles on Castle, In Time and Boss Level, his varied experience will allow him to easily fit into his role of antagonizer Jace. Graduating the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in 2012, he has also shared a stage with the incomparable Dick Van Dyke.

More casting news is expected to be released this week as production begins. Rumors of casting have been rampant in the lead up to the film, the latest of which being YouTube Star Pia Mia to be cast in the role of Tristan. For those who know the book (or maybe dont), Tristan was originally a male character, boyfriend of Tessa’s roommate and friend Steph. Todd has confirmed that the role of Tristan may be changed to a female cast member. I guess we will have to wait and see!

Anna Todd has already started sharing snaps and clips from the set on her social media, giving fans the inside look we’ve all been dying for. We can only imagine the excitement and thrill Anna is feeling, seeing her beloved characters come to life, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

We will keep you up to date with all things After as more news comes out!