Here’s How You Can Win This Month’s @VAOfficialMovie Prize Pack

9781595147752_p0_v2_s260x420 We promised a Vampire Academy Prize Pack – and we’re going to give one away. It’s not the same one that we gave away last time – but we’ve been blessed with quite a lot of Vampire Academy stuff and we want to give it away. And we all know you want something autographed. We don’t have Vampire Academy posters but we do have Beautiful Creatures Posters signed by Zoey Deutch.

This contest is for –

1) One copy of the Vampire Academy Movie Companion
2) One Box Set of the first 3 Vampire Academy Novels
3) A Vampire Academy T-Shirt
4) One Beautiful Creatures Poster signed by Thomas Mann, Zoey Deutch, Alden Ehrenreich, Kami Garcia, and Margaret Stohl.il_570xN.511888844_o9i5

All you have to do to win? Well the other day we were tweeting with the @VAOfficialMovie twitter and we were talking about Rose Hathaway being batman. So here’s what you have to answer – via tweet (don’t forget to @ Fangirlishness) or in the comments. What Superhero do you think that Rose Hathaway would be? We’ll choose a winner January 20th.

Yes, it’s international. One entry per person (if you spam, we will disqualify you. sorry).

PS – After this we have one more Vampire Academy Gift Pack to give away. And yes, it will be different than this one!


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  • Kelly Sandidge

    This is kind of a spoilery answer! I think I’ll be going out on a limb here since she’s not TECHNICALLY a super hero, but I’ve always thought of Rose having similar qualities as Catwoman. Their fiesty and an amazing fighters. They can kick some serious butt. They both have a cat-like femininity to them. And while they both have good traits, they also have bad like Rose’s attitude and inability to control her actions and words. And in a way Rose is a little bit of a criminal in the fact that she fled the Academy with a Moroi princess which was kind of against the law and almost cost her her guardianship. And although Catwoman was a burglar, she wasn’t a murderer and never allowed any harm to come to Batman. They both have some bad in their past that they try to overcome at some point–Rose when she returns to the Academy and Catwoman when she fakes amnesia to try to escape her criminal past. Sorry for the long answer! haha Just thought I’d try to explain my answer a little bit since I was comparing her with someone who wasn’t entirely a superhero, but in a way Catwoman was, since she did help keep Batman alive on several occasions and he’s a very important person in Gotham City. We wouldn’t want him dying. He has people to save! haha

  • HDGK

    Rose is strong, feisty, and doesn’t back down from a fight. I feel like she would be a good Catwoman.

  • megbrod

    Rose would totally be Flash from the Fantastic 4!

  • Jothee

    Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff! They’re both pretty bad ass and had an extensive training. While Natasha is injected with a super soldier serum, Rose is a dhampir (Both with superhuman physical strengths). They are also devoted and always with smartass comments.

  • ♡Awesomepossum♡

    Black Widow from X-men. Rose would totally be her! She is a strong and independent woman who kicks ass and as a bonus is really pretty! I would actually choose Rose to be Rose cause well in my opinion Rose is a Superhero,like maybe she doesn’t have supernatural powers but she is a strong female and she really shows that women are just as strong as men,if not stronger sometimes ♥ okay i don’t know if my answer makes any sense but this is just how i feel :) ps. I love Vampire Academy ♥

  • Danielle Duncan

    Ooo tough pick…but I’m leaning towards Black Canary. They both trained hard to become wicked fighters and are both pretty athletic. The bonus is they’re both super pretty. (And the fact that Black Canary dated Green Arrow, someone older than her, just like Rose with Dimitri!)

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