Here’s What We Think That @BellaThorne Has Been Doing With @IMarleneKing

It’s funny when someone posts theories, cause you can be way off or spot on. You won’t know until the news breaks. But we have a theory, and we’re going to tell you why we believe it.

MTV posted an article  about Bella Thorne hanging out with Marlene King and the theory is that she could be part of Pretty Little Liars, The Merciless, or the newest Sarah Shepherd adaptation – The Perfectionists.

But we don’t think it’s any of those. We think that it has something to do with Rebecca Serle’s book – Famous in Love. Here’s why.

Marlene King followed Bella Thorne and Rebecca Serle on right after the other.


Rebecca Instagramed a picture of herself in Rosewood – aka the town that Pretty Little Liars is set in and as we all know that is a show that Marlene King is in charge of.


Rebecca Instagramed a picture of herself next to a poster of The Vampire Diaries which leads us to believe that she was at the CW.


Rebecca Instagramed a picture of herself with Bella Thorne.


Bella Thorne blurbed Famous in Love.

In the picture with Marlene King, Bella is wearing the same outfit she is wearing in the picture with Rebecca.

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Maybe we are over analyzing, but we’re pretty sure that we’re onto something. We think that Bella Thorne will be staring in an adaptation of Famous in Love, and Marlene King is producing.

I know that you are saying, wait – we weren’t told that it was optioned. Well we don’t know a lot of things in Hollywood, but we’re pretty sure this is it.

What do you think?

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