Here’s Your Chance to be in a Music Video for @TheFaultMovie

Like you, we’re waiting for The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack to be revealed. But here’s the part that you may get excited for. You can be in a music video for The Fault in Our Stars.

According to Idolator, you have the chance to be in a special video for the film, all by submitting your encouragements via Instagram. Your Instagram post has the chance to appear in a video by one of the artists. According to Idolator you need to –

Post an Instagram telling us how The Fault in Our Stars has given you the courage to live, love, and make life awesome. Tag it #TFIOSEncouragements for a chance to be included in a very special music video for the movie.

That’s no easy task. Fitting it all into one picture. Don’t you agree?


Are you ready to enter?

And if you are willing – there’s also the fan driven movement – Hearts4Hazel which you can find out more about HERE.

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