Hero Finnes-Tiffin Stirs Things Up in ELLE

The movie adaptation of After is only a few months away, but it isn’t just the film that Afternators have to look forward to. With such a highly anticipated movie, interviews, both written and on screen, are a perk of the lead up to get fans hyped for what is to come. And thanks to Hardin Scott…aka Hero Finnes-Tiffin, we are starting out with a bang.

In an article entitled Hero Fiennes Tiffin is Ready to Shed his Harry Potter Origin Story featured in ELLE magazine, the brooding actor lets us have a sneak peak inside his head. Of course, the interview starts off on a topic that gets readers attention…girlfriends. But you might find yourself surprised at Hero’s admission. “I’ve never had, like, a proper relationship. I haven’t had a girl I would call my girlfriend.” (Hero Finnes Tiffin, ELLE). Even the writer quickly is able to point out Hero’s appeal and boyfriend material actions, such as the aforementioned brooding, dimpled smile and running his hand through his hair. It is like all our favorite YA leading men leapt off the page into physical form. And we kinda like it.

It is clear that the role of Hardin Scott, the epitome of the bad boy sexual awakening, requires someone who is able to portray that very feeling. Hardin is not one to walk around with a broad smile, laughing and taking part in joviality of youth. No. He is much more the fist fight, sour look that still makes your insides quiver. Needless to say, Hero is well practiced, and he knows it. “In the small amount of modeling work I’ve done, I’m always told that I never smile. If I’m told to smile, I’ll smile. But my go-to is just a screw face. Straight face. Grumpy-lookin’. I think that has benefited me in playing Hardin. Smiling was a no-go in a lot of scenes.” (Hero Finnes-Tiffin, ELLE)

But it is important to point out that Hero, is NOT Hardin. He does laugh. He does joke around. After has received a lot of negative reviews for romanticizing abusive behaviors, and making young girls long for the type of relationship that their friends and parents would warn them against. There is definitely a clear divide between those who belief this portrayal, and those who see it as nothing more than an modern day love story with all its flaws and faults. This was definitely something the director and cast were aware of as they created the upcoming blockbuster, determined to prove that even in an age that women are more than capable of holding their own, sometimes it is nice to have someone who always has your back…even if their methods don’t match your own.

After hits theatres April 12, 2019.

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