Our Holiday Wish List for the Teen Wolf Pack

teen wolf holiday wish list

It’s been a pretty rough year for the Teen Wolf pack. First they battled the Dread Doctors and the Beast, not to mention Theo and his chimera pack. Now, they’re facing new enemies in the form of the Ghost Riders and the Nazi Wolf. Oh, and Stiles – one of the core members of the pack – has been erased from existence. Happy freaking holidays, right?

We’re hoping to bring a little holiday cheer to Beacon Hills this year, since it’s so desperately needed. Here are some gifts we would give the Teen Wolf pack for Christmas.

For Scott McCall – A Tile. You would think we would give this Bluetooth tracker to Stiles, but since he and Scott are so close, we think this will benefit both of them. Imagine if the boys had stuck a tracker on the Jeep keys? Scott would have been able to confirm Stiles’ existence and pinpoint his location right from his phone. Done and done.

For Stiles Stilinski – A way out of that damn train station (that won’t kill him). Some kind of supernatural shield, Corey coming to get him, or even a literal train if that’s what it takes. We just want our fave to get to safety – and get back to our reality.

For Lydia Martin – Stiles’ safe return to Beacon Hills. Lydia is a girl on a mission this season, and it’s both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see her dedication to remembering – and finding – Stiles. That’s one reunion we can’t wait to see.

For Malia Tate – A boxing gym membership. Malia is a total badass who doesn’t mind getting scrappy. Boxing will help her hone her combat skills and get out any excess aggression in a healthy (and fun) way.

For Liam Dunbar – A gift certificate for a leadership seminar. We’ll give Liam one thing: this kid has no problem taking initiative. (This will be all too clear in the next episode.) But all things considered, he’s still our Baby Beta and he has a ways to go before he’ll be truly ready to take up Scott’s mantle. A little professional guidance couldn’t hurt.

(Alternatively, How to Be an Alpha For Dummies)

For Sheriff Stilinski – A family reunion. Beyond Stiles’ reunion with Lydia, we’re sure that him reconnecting with his father will shatter our hearts. We can’t wait to get the very shady Claudia out of the picture and get back to the father/son dynamic we adore.

For Mama McCall – A spa day. The world does not deserve the absolute angel that is Melissa McCall, and she deserves to be treated like the queen she is. Consider this a small thank you for her endless words of wisdom, well-intentioned lawbreaking, and hugs.

For Chris Argent – An espresso machine. You’ll see why in the next episode.

For Jeff Davis – A hug and a bottle of wine. Teen Wolf is arguably the best it’s ever been, and we can’t thank Jeff enough for both this season and all those that have come before. We love you, Jeff – keep on keepin’ on.

What gifts would you give the Teen Wolf pack for the holidays?

Teen Wolf resumes on Tuesday, January 3 at 9:00pm ET on MTV.

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