A Holiday Giftlist for the Characters of ‘Sweet/Vicious’

Listen, I’m really good at giving gifts. When I have enough time and money, but I’m really good at it! So I decided to come up with some gifts for the characters of MTV’s new show Sweet/Vicious.

Jules: a hug + a blanket wrapped around her entire body with some comfort food and face masks + constellation earrings

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Like, listen, this girl is incredible and she is for sure a badass, but damn, Jules just needs a little self care. She’s out in Darlington kicking ass and taking down rapists, but who’s taking care of her? I will. Just a basket full of self care necessities. Plus, a nice pair earrings that go along with her love of the stars. <3

Ophelia: tickets to see Wicked + ninja lessons + a bong in a funny shape

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From the way she passionately sang (and just had Wicked in her music library) I have a feeling Ophelia is a True Wicked Fan. It would be a nice break from all the crazy. Ninja lessons are a REAL THING APPARENTLY and very useful–even though we know Ophelia is already a computer ninja, now she can be a DOUBLE THREAT NINJA. And finally, I feel like Ophelia would get a laugh out of the bong and then promptly use it. Especially now, when this vigilante thing gets supes stressful.

Harris: a lifetime supply of peanut butter froyo + an Amazon giftcard + Legally Blonde

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All I want for Christmas is for Harris to get his peanut butter froyo like goddamnit!!!! He deserves it. I also know he’s a law student so obviously books are v pricey and Vinylton probs can’t covered all the book fees so Amazon is where it’s at. PLUS, I feel like Legally Blonde is just a fun gift to boost Harris’s confidence. Be like Elle Woods, Harris. Be like Elle Woods.

Tyler: art supplies + a punny coffee mug that has to do with art + cutie of the year award

What’s a painter without a brush or canvas? Just a dude, tbh. So obviously, this holiday season, I would get Tyler some art supplies. I’m a fan of funny gifts, which is why I would get Ty-guy a punny coffee mug with some art joke on it. I hope he’d get it and laugh or else it’d be supes awkward. And finally, the smile of the year award. Honest to God, that smile could melt ice. Augh.

Kennedy: something with “girls just want to have fundamental rights” on it + #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso  + a nice ass journal

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Darlington’s favorite feminist deserves some gifts that speak to her on a spiritual level. So why not a book about #GRLPWR, a cute n srs quote that means a lot, and of course we know she’s a fan of Oprah and srs dreams so why not get her a journal so when she’s writing her autobiography she has pleeeennttyyy of material!


I think we all know why.

So? Do you think these characters would like their gifts? Do you have any other ideas? Let me know!!

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