‘Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden Set to Star in ‘Lore,’ ‘Channel Zero’

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We’ve still got ten episodes of Teen Wolf left before the hit MTV show wraps its six-season run, but one of the lead actors has already given us not one, but two new shows to look forward to.

Holland Roden (a.k.a. our banshee queen Lydia Martin) is set to star in Amazon’s Lore and Syfy’s Channel Zero. Roden has proven to be a pro in the supernatural sphere, and both of these roles will keep her in that realm, while bringing in more horror elements. Lore is the upcoming adaptation of the hit horror podcast of the same name, which recounts true stories of frightening and paranormal happenings. Holland will take on the role of Bridget Cleary, wife of Michael Cleary (Cathal Pendred), according to Deadline – who also provided the following description of the character.

“Living in Ireland in 1895, with fiery red hair, she is a dressmaker and an egg dealer who lives with her husband Michael in an Irish laborer’s cottage. An exceptional woman, she’s been liberated by the invention of the sewing machine and the refrigerated railway car, and she’s making a lot more money than her husband. When her tongue gets a little too pert for Michael’s liking, Bridget must prove the impossible: that she’s the true Bridget Cleary and not a fairy’s changeling.”

Channel Zero, a Syfy anthology series, will also bring the scares. Each installment of the series is based on a “creepypasta” (online, user-generated horror stories). For this third installment, Roden will be playing Zoe Woods, older sister to Alice (Olivia Luccardi). Zoe is “a sharp, tough young woman whose struggles with mental illness have worn her down over the years. She hates that her younger sister has to take care of her and she’d give anything to go back to the way things used to be.” Also starring is Brandon Scott (Guerrilla) as Officer Luke Vanczyk, a young, jaded but still dedicated to justice cop living in the shadow of his father, the Chief of Police.

Both roles should allow Holland to shine in the kind of supernatural setting Teen Wolf fans love seeing her in, while taking on new challenges and delving into scarier material. We may need to watch with the lights on, but we can’t wait to see both Lore and Channel Zero.

Fans can also catch Holland in the final ten episodes of Teen Wolf, premiering on MTV this summer.

Are you excited to see Holland Roden in these two new roles?

Featured Image: Teen Wolf Wikia

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