Hope For Another Season of ‘Prison Break’

Prison BreakIt looks like season five might not be Prison Break’s last. The show’s creator originally stated there were no plans for another season, as he didn’t have any new ideas.

But, now things might be looking up for Prison Break fans. At the Fox upfronts presentation on May 15th the networks Dana Walden gave fans hope that Prison Break might not be over forever stating:

“We would definitely consider doing more episodes. I know [the producers] are thinking about it.”

So we might get more seasons, but we won’t be getting a new season every year as Walden says “we want to make it special” with intermittent encores. All I can say is, I’ll take it, a new season or special here or there is better than saying goodbye to Prison Break again. We want more Michael and Lincoln. Wentworth Miller has even said he feels there is more story there to be told.


Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox

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