How to Get Away with Murder 3×01 Photos: We’re Good People Now

The highly anticipated return of How to Get Away with Murder is almost upon us and after the long wait, we’re eager to find out how our favorite law students are doing. The promo photos for the first episode of season three are here along with a synopsis of what to expect in “We’re Good People Now”:

With Wallace Mahoney’s murder unsolved and Frank’s whereabouts unknown, the ”Keating 5” struggle to move on with their lives as they enter into their second year of law school. Meanwhile, Annalise’s reputation at Middleton University is on the line, so she creates a criminal law clinic where the students will compete to try their own pro bono cases. Annalise also wrestles with a decision involving Frank that could change everything, on the highly anticipated season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder.

Last season left us with a lot of unanswered questions and we’re excited to see how things will be when the show returns. Frank is still awol and Annalise appears to be losing her grip on things. With the time jump into a new school year, it will be interesting to see how the Keating 5 have been doing as well as uncovering everything they’ve been up to since the murder of Wes’ father.

The show stars Viola Davis, Billy Brown, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, Karla Souza, Charlie Weber, Liza Weil and Conrad Ricamora.

How to Get Away with Murder season 3 premieres Thursday @ 10/9c on ABC.

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