How to Get Away with Murder 3×01 Review: We’re Good People Now

The first episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder certainly did not disappoint. It blew our minds with incredible scenes (like Annalise and Wes screaming their frustration at the sky) and broke our hearts with one our favorite relationships coming to an end. “We’re Good People Now” had us remembering exactly why we love this show thanks to its amazing cast, awesome score, and jaw-dropping moments. But all that certainly didn’t come without some sadness. 

The promo video for this episode said that we would be experiencing a shocking loss since not everyone was going to make it out alive and that definitely proved to be true.

I think out of respect we all need to take a moment to remember Frank’s glorious beard and how soon it left us. It’s the small things in life we take for granted and rarely appreciate. His beard may be gone, but it will never be forgotten. I even made it a tribute video:

That aside, it’s really heartbreaking to see Frank on the run and not with our crew where he should be. It’s pretty unclear where he’s hiding out and what he’s up to but it’s very evident he doesn’t want to be found. With everyone back home practically hating him (ie: Laurel saying “he’s dead to me”) maybe he’s better off on the run for a bit until everyone cools down. They’re all under the impression that he was the one who shot Mahoney but honestly, I don’t believe it for a second. We never actually saw him do it and this show has a habit of doing dramatic flashback reveals. YOU’RE NOT GONNA GET ME THIS TIME GUYS. I KNOW HE WASN’T THE ONE WHO KILLED HIM.

“We’re Good People Now” also proved that you can’t always win, when we watched an immigrant get deported after taking the blame for his daughter’s weed. Yikes. That was painful to watch. Though it did go to show that Keating and her team win some, lose some – and that’s the harsh reality. But god, that weed-selling daughter must be feeling guilty AF. Deportation for weed? Brock Turner gets 3 months for raping an unconscious woman while this dude has to go back to an unsafe country without his children for possessing/selling WEED? The law system sucks. It’s a shame to see how much injustice happens in our courtrooms and I think How to Get Away with Murder is a good example of that. It showcases the kind of people that actually enter courtrooms every day. From the corrupt lawyers doing all they can to win a case, to the completely innocent and relatable suspects being put behind bars, it mirrors exactly what happens in the real world. There’s a real frustration in watching people face harsh penalties for small crimes in comparison to those who are privileged getting away with terrible deeds. This show brings awareness to a lot of criminal injustice – which is what makes it so incredibly relevant.

We got to find out a little more about what had happened over the Summer with flashbacks to each of the Keating 5. I’ll be honest, I thought Meggy wasn’t real. She kept being mentioned but never seen and my ‘Mr. Robot‘ mind automatically assumed that Wes had just made her up. But nope, she’s actually real. My bad. It’ll be interesting to see how she’s involved in future episodes and what her relationship with Wes is like. She wasn’t the only new character to grace our screens this episode. We also met a new, HIGHLY ANNOYING, STUCK UP law student named – ugh, I’ve already forgotten. For now, I’ll just call him ‘Agent A*shole’. Asher summed up our feelings towards him best when pulling faces as he spoke during a lecture. That man gives me life.

It was a surprising discovery for me to find out Asher and Michaela are still dating. Duuddee. This feels so wrong. I feel like Michaela is just using him as an escape from all the crap going on in her life (aka, dead boyfriend who killed his parents and made out with his sister). Though if she had to be with anyone, I’m glad it’s Asher. Dating someone outside of the group would mean dragging them into all the crazy crap going on in their lives (eg: Connor with Oliver). At least they can understand what the other is going through – that is, if the relationship becomes more emotional rather than physical.

Speaking of Connor and Oliver, WHAT THE HELL? I was rooting for them, we were all rooting for them – and they were rooting each other! Everything was fine and dandy. Even when Connor totally forgave Oliver for deleting his Stanford acceptance letter, things were fine. But then Oliver had to complain that Connor shouldn’t have forgiven him?? Um, DUDE. You just dodged a massive bullet, what are you doing? Them breaking up was definitely the saddest part of this episode and it would seriously shatter my heart if they started dating other people. But at least we know we’ll be seeing more of Oliver now that he’s working for Annalise. If they’re around each other more constantly, maybe it’ll be harder for them to stay apart. Though it pains me to admit, his reasoning for terminating their relationship did make sense. It wasn’t exactly your ‘normal’, ‘healthy’ relationship. But come on, is anyone on this show ‘normal’? They’ve all been through hell and back and nothing would make it easier than having someone to come home to at the end of the day. Oliver, you’ve made a terrible mistake and I will be sitting on my couch and tapping my feet every episode until you take Connor back. I’m waiting.


Annalise is slowly losing her grip on things after being told she wouldn’t be teaching ‘Introduction to Criminal Law’ due to the Keating 5’s grades sucking. So… no one is gonna learn how to get away with murder now? Right? Honestly, it was about time the college took some action when it came to her. How have they not said or done anything over the past two seasons of this show? Annalise has been dragged through the dirt, accused of murder, and done some shady stuff. Did anyone not think throughout all of that “hmm, maybe she’s not fit to work at our college?” No one?? I definitely don’t want to see her get fired or lose her classes but damn, at least it would show that Middleton University ain’t playing around.

“We’re Good People Now” ended its season premiere with a traditional flash forward to a murder, but unlike previous seasons, we didn’t get to see who the final victim was.

All these time jumps make me feel like I’m Marty McFly and Shonda Rhimes is Doc. I’m being taken on this crazy ass adventure that I’m not really asking for, yet I still enjoy the experience and make the most of it. We’re going back four months? Okay. We’re fast forwarding two months? Cool, whatever. The clock animation looks neat so I guess I’m down with it.

Who will that final victim be? Due to Annalise’s reaction, I’d assume someone close to her. Possibly Nate? Annalise’s mother? God forbid, one of the Keating 5? Whoever it is, I’m sure it’ll shock me when the time comes. Annalise could always just be faking her emotion and the death could have been her doing all along. BUT IF THEY KILL OFF FRANK, I’M COMING FOR THEM. The man just lost his beard, hasn’t he suffered enough?

From this point onwards, we’ll be tallying the amount of people who die this season because, you know:

Even though it happened last season, it was rehashed during this one so I’m counting it. Wes’ father is gone, and with him, the answers to probably a million of our questions. Thanks guys. Really.

Death toll: 1

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays @ 10/9c on ABC.

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