How to Get Away with Murder 3×07 Preview Guide: Call It Mother’s Intuition

The next episode of How to Get Away with Murder hints at one of the Keating 5 being a traitor. If “Call It Mother’s Intuition” is going to teach us anything, it’s probably that snitches get stitches. You don’t mess with Annalise – you just don’t. Tensions are at a high for the group of law students and with so many suppressed secrets and harbored guilt, it’s likely we’ll see it all reach a boiling point with this episode.

It’s a dramatic facepalm everytime one of the Keating 5 turn on Annalise like she’s their enemy. THIS WOMAN HAS STUCK HER NECK OUT FOR YOU LOT LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE SEASON. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  While we’re still left wondering who’s #UnderTheSheet, it appears there’ll be even more questions on the horizon. As long as we get another dance number from Asher, I’m cool with keeping up the suspense.

How To Get Away With Murder (3×07) “Call It Mother’s Intuition”

Thursday, November 3rd 10/9c ABC



Annalise and her students take on a case defending siblings who have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder against their mother. Meanwhile, Frank’s actions lead to a painful consequence, on “How to Get Away with Murder,”

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays @ 10/9c on ABC.

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