How to Get Away With Murder: Who Killed Wes Gibbons?

As we prepare for the winter premiere of How to Get Away with Murder, we’re still left reeling in the events of what happened last year. The Keating 5 lost one of its very own and HTGAWM fans cried out in pain when they realized it was the poor, innocent Wes Gibbons. (Okay, maybe not that innocent.) Now that we’ve uncovered the mystery of who was #UnderTheSheet, we move onto the next big question: Who killed Wes?

While this season will be focusing a lot on that, we came up with some of our own theories to see if we can beat the show writers to the reveal – but if this is going to be anything like what happened with the #UnderTheSheet reveal, we’re probably a mile off the truth.

1. Frank

This could be a very obvious choice. Frank’s mental state right now isn’t exactly…healthy. Those who watched him in the midseason finale know very well that he’s a bit all over the place right now. But is it possible that sometime during all that madness, he snuck away from everyone to kill Wes? Maybe his jealousy towards Wes, for being with Laurel, finally got to him or he was just trying to prove to everyone that he could be trusted by killing Wes to protect them all from the deal he was about to take.

2. Bonnie

We all know that Bonnie killed Rebecca all the way back in Season 1 in order to protect Annalise and everyone else. Is it possible that she did the same to Wes when she found out he was going to the police? She seems like a low suspect on the list, since she’s already had her big murderer reveal, but it could still happen again, folks!

3. Nate

Nate was seen inside Annalise’s house before the fire, which would have given him optimum “Wes killing time” if he was the one who did it. He was the one who identified Wes’ body, and while he was never close with Wes, he didn’t seem too shocked by the reveal! A motive is unclear, but there’s always the chance he felt the need to protect Annalise who would have likely been incriminated if Wes decided to spill the beans.

4. Annalise

I’ll admit, I’m only putting this one in here because it seems so outrageous. Annalise has spent practically the entire show trying to protect Wes, so how crazy would it be if in fact she, was the one to kill him after all? While a clear motive is lacking at the moment, I’m sure the show writers would be able to come up with something shocking if they did, in fact, chose Annalise to be the one to commit this crime. We all know that she has been going through a lot this season – is it possible that she finally snapped and poor Wes was caught in the crossfire?

5. Connor

Sorry guys, I love him too – but you can’t deny he looked oddly chill at the news of Wes’ death. Likely, he just doesn’t process shock or emotion like his fellow law student friends, but there’s always the chance that the reason he didn’t cry or look horrified about the news of his dead friend is because he already knew about it or possibly…even killed Wes himself. Dun, dun, DDUUNNNNN. Also I’m pulling the receipts on when Connor literally threatened to kill Wes if he mentioned his name to the police. Did he actually follow through out of fear that he would be incarcerated?

6. Someone from the Mahoney family

Without a doubt, Annalise and her squad have really given hell to these guys. After Frank killed Wallace and they managed to send away his son Charles for his death, is it possible someone from the Mahoney family was very angry and out for revenge? They would definitely have enough reason for it, and after seeing the piece of trash Wallace Mohney was, anyone in close relation to him probably is a terrible person too. They’d also have the money to hire someone else to do the deed if they wanted to.

No matter who actually killed Wes, it is without a doubt going to be a wild season of How to Get Away with Murder and Alfred Enoch fans don’t have to fear, we’ll still be seeing more of Wes this season through flashbacks! Get ready for more secrets, more tears, probably more ships forming and breaking, and hopefully (if we’re lucky), another scene of Annalise drunk dancing.

How to Get Away with Murder returns January 26th on ABC.

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