#HTGAWM 1×05 Recap ~ ‘We’re Not Friends’

Oh wow, these people are acting their itty-bitty-coldhearted fantasies out to perfection. Each one of them has had a chance to tap into their merciless side, a personality flaw of each of these fictional characters have… even the supposed “bleeding heart” ones. Also, is crying allowed?! Yeah… I guess so. Not sure what I was supposed to take from the scene where they all mock their fellow bb!Lawyerstudent for tearing up over the good news for their client. Seemed weird and out of character and yet once again, it’s things like these that throw me on this show!



Someone tell me what Annalise is up to?! She has got to be smarter than how she came across this week’s episode. “Protecting her husband” is a priority and yet I am not buying it. She is setting everyone up and I truly think the title “How To Get Away With Murder” actually applies to her. She is the one pulling the strings and puppeteering the persons around her to create the perfect storm where she never once has to get her hands bloodied in the fight against her husband. I don’t know… what do you all think?!



She sure knows how to pick the men though… Mr. Darcy wannabe and a hardened detective who both are stubborn, strong and very likely not willing to let go of their pride which means they’ll not let go of her. Gives her the perfect alibi in regards to having a way of saying they controlled their actions, because they did… didn’t they?! But if I don’t believe that she has them moving in the directions she wants them to be going, than I would be a sorry sad fan of Viola Davis. There’s no way Annalise is taking all of this sitting down. Sorry Liza Weil’s character. You are in so much trouble even though she gave you fair warning.

Alfred Enoch… Mr. Gibbins… you are in over your head. At least that’s what you want me to think. And how come you feel comfortable walking into Annalise’s house whenever, without knocking and without a by-your-leave. Does she allow the other bb!LawyerStudents such easy access? It does seem weird to me that she doesn’t have a bathroom on the first floor area too. Why did you send Katie Findlay upstairs to the restroom. Seriously… YOU ARE SO SKETCHY!

But for real… how did everyone on this show become so proficient at lying and uncaring of if their clients are lying. Isn’t that one of the hardest things in the world to adapt to… knowing you are possibly defending someone who really DID DO IT?!

This week’s client did little for anyone but move along the characterization of Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo. She’s been the shy, quiet type… sort of! She has a very good-looking, intelligent boyfriend though who everyone wants study notes from, yeah? Seems to me she bagged the hot property of the season and that doesn’t really jive with the way everyone was stereotyping her. Hmmm… and she successfully pulls off jury tampering with no one the wiser, which cameras in the lobby area… where were they and why didn’t they capture her happy accident? How convenient the client who killed his father without remorse gets off even if his mother’s moving testimony was undermined by the prosecution.

How touche though! The client and bb!LawyerStudents both believe taking the law into their own hands is the only way, a necessary way to get things done. And yeah… it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass… sharply!

How To Get Away With Murder comes on #TGIT ABC at 10/9c.


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