Hulu’s ‘Light As A Feather’ Snags Four Daytime Emmy Nods

It is proof that gripping and engaging content is no longer simply in the hands of Hollywood creators. As more and more book to film/series adaptations fill our screens, we are reminded that some of the greatest inspiration has come from books, and some of those books started out online.

Titles such as Fifty Shades of Grey, After, and more have gone from the computer screen to the big screen, skyrocketing their creators into the entertainment stratosphere. And as more original, creative and captivating content is found through sites such as Wattpad, there are no signs of this trend slowing any time soon.

So much so, that Wattpad original story Light as a Feather, by Zoe Aarsen and adapted for the screen by Hulu, has just nabbed four Daytime Emmy Award nominations this week. Categories include Outstanding Writing for a Digital Drama Series, Outstanding Directing for a Digital Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Digital Drama Series, and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Digital Drama Series.

This is a big step for Wattpad, a company that continues to break down barriers in publishing, film and digital media, showing that those within their community have no shortage of talent, originality and the ability to match against the best in Hollywood.

Endless congratulations to Zoe Aarsen and all those involved in the Light as a Feather series for this incredible achievement! We will be cheering you on May 5, 2019 when the Daytime Emmy Awards airs.


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