I Am Proud to Be A Basic B*tch

I am so tired of Kim Kardashian’s ass, tits, and vagina being in my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am so tired of all the jokes and I am so tired of seeing a million greased up things in my time line that are meant to be a take on the photo shoot.

I will tell you this, it was brilliant. It was a brilliant marketing ploy to keep her relevant. I am not hating on Kim, she should be proud of the body that she haves. Self confidence is key in todays society.

But I will tell you this – I am tired of it, because like so many other things in life, it’s portraying the image that being basic is bad.

I am a basic bitch. And I am proud of it.

Just gonna say what life is really like. I am not a size 2, add a 0 to that. I have boobs that would hit my knees without a bra. My ass is not plump and round. It’s flat and wide. Wearing makeup is like asking me to pull teeth. No way I am getting into a pair of heels. I am more comfortable with my hair in a ponytail than I am with it down. I am predictable. I will be working, and if I am not working, my head is buried in a book.

Where people’s definition of basic may be different, there is one thing that bugs me about all of them. People portray being basic as a bad thing.

But guys – being basic doesn’t stop you from shit.

I am as basic as they come, but people I am doing epic shit with my life. Every day may not be epic, but there are so many things that I do that no one else does. I get to work red carpets, interview celebrities, attend premieres, go on set visits. I work hard for all of that.

Now I grew up with being told that I didn’t have the face or the body for entertainment. I did what anyone had to do – worked hard, sacrificed, and hustled. I stayed up late when I wanted to sleep. I missed people’s birthday’s, I learned everything about everything that I could. I own more “_____ for Dummies” books than I can count.

But here’s my point – don’t compare yourself to Kim or anyone else. Be yourself. Being basic – being yourself will get you far enough. And people will appreciate that more than anything.

But do me one favor, don’t put naked ass in my timeline anymore. Instead I’d rather see you all doing things you love and being involved with fandoms that make you happy.



I work a lot. Fangirlish is my baby. I work in social media professionally and I love it - which is probably why I don't keep up on my own. I don't sleep enough and I obsess too much over my favorite things. I need to work on combing my hair more. Or at elast I need to stop dying it different colors.