Ian Somerhalder for CBS Watch Magazine

In CBS Watch Magazine, Ian Somerhalder returns to his modeling roots. The hotness talked about Vampire Diaries, turning 35, and his healthy way of life. For instance – did you know that he built a spa onto his house?

His vampire persona and ageless energy are partly thanks to a strict regimen of healthy food, boxes of vitamins and supplements, meditation and a medical spa he recently built in the 1,900-square-foot townhouse he shares in Atlanta with six dogs and two cats. And, he keeps the 1987 vampire flick The Lost Boys on repeat.

On his boyhood overlooking the lake…

Louisiana native says between bites, thinking back to his boyhood growing up on the swampy shores of Lake Pontchartrain. “When you look out over the lake, you can see the city twinkling in the distance. I would think, ‘I’m safe ’cause I know that they’re over there.’ I associated New Orleans with vampires, always. My mom was a huge fan of Anne Rice and I knew all about the whole folklore with Marie Laveau, voodoo and vampires.”

On his acting…

At 19, he quit modeling and turned his attention to acting classes, earning roles in 2002’s The Rules of Attraction alongside Jessica Biel and Kate Bosworth, and later as Boone Carlyle on Lost (2004) until ultimately landing his current spot on The Vampire Diaries in 2009. Meanwhile, he earned a self-guided degree in humanity. “You don’t have to be in an institution to study. The world has been a really cool classroom that we’re all in together, sort of bouncing around, learning, failing often, and passing sometimes. And just like in school, the kids who are nice make the experience a lot better. The kids who are bullies and assholes make the experience not as wonderful. The thing we’re lacking the most in the world, and yet what everyone wishes for, is compassion. My mom, Edna, is the one who instilled all of this in me at a young age.”

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