I’m All For The Possibility of a ‘Say Anything’ TV Show


Anyone seen the movie Say Anything? I loved that movie. There was something sexy about John Cusack back then.

My friends and I used to have sit in’s of movies such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Say Anything. We would binge watch Molly Ringwald movies. She wasn’t always the Mom on Secret Life of The American Teenager. She was the girl that everyone wanted to be.

But back to Say Anything…

The movie that was a staple for the Generation X crowd just may be a television show for the Generation Y crowd.

Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment and 20th Century Fox TV, are working on transforming the movie into a TV show.

They have received a script commitment from NBC.

That gives me hope.

The show would be follow Lloyd’s life after long ago being dumped by Diane. As per the norm, life hasn’t worked out how he though it would, but when Diane returns to town – it gives him the incentive to reinvent his life.

Would you be excited for a Say Anything TV Show?

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