In Case You Missed The Shadowhunters Casting This Week

It’s been a busy week in Shadowhunters casting and we’re excited for the 3 roles that were cast.

Jack Fulton has been cast as Max Lightwood and Paulino Nunes has been cast as Robert Lightwood. Cassie Clare shared the news –

Several readers, spider senses tingling, have been asking about the casting of Robert and Max Lightwood. Showrunner Ed kindly took some time out of his schedule to shoot over these headshots.
Robert will be played by Paulino Nunes, and Max will be played by Jack Fulton. Ed will try to get a stealth shot of them in action behind the scenes. *finger wiggle* I’m interested to see how they’re incorporated into the show!

Max Lightwood looks adorbs.

Stephanie Bennett has been cast as Lydia Branwell according to The Wrap.


Who is Lydia? She’s responded as, “a beautiful, no-nonsense young Shadowhunter who is an abrasive “badass.” She has known terrible loss in her life, and she has become driven and harsh as a result — but under her hard shell lies considerable vulnerability.”

Shadowhunters premieres in 2016.

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