‘Insurgent’ on the Today Show!

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Jenna Bush Hager from the Today Show was lucky enough to visit the set of Insurgent and talk to the cast about filming the highly anticipated sequel. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been too thrilled with the trailers released for the movie so far. I think that, just like with Divergent, the trailers don’t really capture the essence of the story as a whole. After watching this set visit, though, my doubts are starting to go away.

We see interviews with Shailene, Theo, and Ansel to really get their insight on the adaptation and their preparation for it. Let’s be honest, could any of us go through that boot camp training? Push-ups, sparring, boxing; I would fail miserably if I attempted it, so major respect to all the actors for working so hard to be badasses.

Shailene points out that the second movie and film are a lot darker and heavier than the first, and it’s evident just by the snippets of the set that we get to see. Just the lighting (or lack thereof) alone sets us on edge! From what they show us, we all have to admit that the set and the scenes look pretty awesome. If nothing else, rest assured that there will be tons of kickass moments in the movie. Now, hopefully it will be as satisfying as, if not more satisfying than, Divergent.

You can watch the video above. Make sure to share your thoughts with us! Only 10 weeks until the release of Insurgent….the undying anticipation starts now (if it hasn’t already).

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