It’s #MCM (Man Candy Monday) – Daniel Sharman Edition

We’re looking at today’s Man Candy Monday and we’re pretty damn sure we can get a lot of you to agree that Daniel Sharman is effin hot. And then he speaks and he’s even hotter.

So FYI, in case you didn’t know Daniel is British. He was born in 1986 – which many of you may know if the year of hot British Boys birth. Seriously, Robert Pattinson was born that year. His voice melts you like butter. I am not kidding – listen to this interview that he gave.

You’re welcome. It’s beautiful, right?

Here’s just some of the reasons that we love Daniel Sharman!

1) He looks good with a shirt on or off. These are important things – gets the blood boiling. Damn – he looks good.


2) He looks good on his back. (Don’t judge me people – he’s got that come hither look and that makes us squirm.)


3) That little smirk that he gets on his face.

danielsharman124) That full fucking smile… and then how he purses his lips. Eff me.



5)  Once again, did we mention the smile?


6) His swagger. We love his swagger.


7) The fact that his lips are kissable.

danielsharman78) As if the smiling wasn’t enough, look at him batting his eyes. (We’ll do whatever you say).


8) Did we mention the eye batting?danielsharman3

9) His ability to tell it like it is.

10) That look of vulnerability…danielsharman1

Anyone else all gaga over Daniel Sharman? Watch him on The Originals! 

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