It’s Time For After by @Imaginator1dx Book Club: Discussing Chapters 1-20 (CONTEST)

It’s time for our first installment of the #After book club. For those of you that don’t know – After is by Wattpad sensation Anna Todd. The book tells the story of Hardin Scott and Teresa Young. Their screwed up love affair sets their worlds on fire.

Here’s the synopsis –

Tessa is a good girl with a sweet, reliable boyfriend back home. She’s got direction, ambition, and a mother who’s intent on keeping her that way. But she’s barely moved into her freshman dorm when she runs into Hardin. With his tousled brown hair, cocky British accent, tattoos, and lip ring, Hardin is cute and different from what she’s used to.

But he’s also rude – to the point of cruelty, even. For all his attitude, Tessa should hate Hardin and she does — until she finds herself alone with him in his room. Something about his dark mood grabs her, and when they kiss it ignites within her a passion she’s never known before.

He’ll call her beautiful, then insist he isn’t the one for her and disappear again and again. Despite the reckless way he treats her, Tessa is compelled to dig deeper and find the real Hardin beneath all his lies. He pushes her away again and again, yet every time she pushes back, he only pulls her in deeper.

Tessa already has the perfect boyfriend. So why is she trying so hard to overcome her own hurt pride and Hardin’s prejudice about nice girls like her?

Unless… could this be love?

Today, we are going over the first 20 chapters. We were going to talk to Chapter 25, but we’re stopping at 20 for strategic reasons.

Like you, I am obsessed over After. I find the story to be very intriguing and where as a lot of people will ask me about the twists and turns, I will tell you that I don’t find it to be a story of abuse. I find it to be story of two people growing up and finding their way through emotions that they aren’t ready for.

We’re going to break down each chapter and giving you some noteable quotes from the chapter. After the breakdowns, we have some questions that we think should be answered, that we’re curious about – the things that made us think.

This week, we are also giving away prizes. Two winners will receive – Sweet Filthy Boy and Dirty Rowdy Thing. One winner will also receive a copy of After.

To win you must leave a comment on this article – and what you must do will be at the end. Lets start talking After.

Chapter 1

  • Introduced to Tessa, who is awake before her alarm, as she is leaving for college.
  • Tessa is set to attend Washington Central University – why she settled on the school and how she had considered leaving the state, but stayed, because of her Mom.
  • Tessa has had this day planned for months. She’s a planner.
  • We meet Tessa’s BF – Noah.
    • Noah has blonde hair, blue eyes. He dresses preppy – khaki’s and polos.
    • Noah is very helpful. Has already put Tessa’s bags in the car.

Chapter 2

  • Tessa arrives at WCU with Noah and her Mom, who accompany her to freshman orientation.
  • Tessa’s mother and Noah want to check out her dorm room. She’s overly proud of Tessa being in college.
  • Tessa’s dorm room number is B22.
  • We meet Steph – Tessa’s room mate. She has crimson hair, tattoo’s. She is wearing tight clothing, her cleavage showing. She has green eyes.
  • Tessa’s Mom freaks out. Wants her to change dorms immediately.
  • There are boys in the room. We meet Nate and Hardin.
  • Hardin is a tall brown haired boy, thick waves of hair pushed off his forehead – metal in his lip and brow. Arms are covered in tattoo’s – not an inch of untouched skin (they are black, gray, and white). Wearing black jeans and a black shirt. Hardin has green eyes.

Noteable quotes –

“Welcome to WCU, where the dorms are tiny, and the parties are huge.” – Steph, Page 8

Chapter 3

  • Tessa’s mother has lectured her on partying and men before her and Noah leave.
  • Tessa is tired and sits on her bed. She gathers her planners her textbooks and starts to write out her classes.
  • The next morning Steph is not there. Tessa goes to the communal showers, and accidentally soaks all of her clothes. She runs down the hallway to her room – opening the door to see Hardin laying on the bed.

Chapter 4

  • Tessa is automatically defensive, asking where Steph is. Hardin is unfazed. She asks him to leave so that she can get dressed. He says he’s not going to look.
  • Tessa seems to be hurt that he won’t look and asks what his problem is. This causes Hardin to laugh, Steph coming in moments later.
  • Tessa thinks Hardin is Steph’s boyfriend, but Steph quickly corrects her.
  • Steph invites Tessa to a party, which she says no to. When Hardin says that he knows she won’t come, Tessa suddenly agrees.

Noteable Quotes –

  • "Don't flatter yourself, it's not like I'm going to look at you." - Hardin
  • "Hardin Scott is not my boyfriend!" - Steph
  • "You're in college now, just one party won't hurt." - Steph

Chapter 5

  • Hardin leaves, Steph and Tessa discuss the party.
  • Tessa wears a dress that Steph tries to talk her out of.

Chapter 6

  • Steph talks Tessa into wearing makeup. She wears black eyeliner.
  • Nate and Hardin show up to pick them up for the party.
  • They arrive at the frat house which is filled with people.

Noteable Quotes

  • "You do know that we are going to a party, not a church, right, Theresa?" - Hardin

Chapter 7

  • Steph introduces Tessa to all her friends. This is where we meet Zed, who has olive skin and a tounge ring.
  • Molly - who has pink hair - makes comments about Tessa that upset her so she decides to go outside where she texts Noah.
  • After returning inside the house, looking for a bathroom after someone spilled a drink on her, she opens a door and finds Hardin and Molly getting it on.

Noteable Quotes

  • "I'm into flowers." - Zed
  • "Leave it to Steph to bring Little Miss Priss to a party." - Molly

Chapter 8

  • Tessa is embaressed and Molly asks why she's there. Tessa leaves quickly and finds the kitchen where she cleans up.
  • Nate and Tessa run into eachother. Tessa wants to leave, but there is no one to take her home.

Chapter 9

  • Tessa sees Steph dancing up against a girl and Nate notices that she's upset. He tells her that they are just dancing.
  • Noah is texting Tessa, she tries to call him quickly, hoping he hasn't called her mother.
  • Steph is going to get sick. Tessa is going to have to take care of her.
  • Nate and Tessa take Steph to the bathroom, and then Nate suggests that they take her into a room to rest.
  • The room ends up being Hardins. He wants to know why they are in there, and is a first class dick about it.
  • Tessa and Hardin end up arguing - Hardin wants them out of his room. Tessa tells him to take care of Steph and she'll find a way back to the dorms.

Noteable Quotes

  • "But if you're trying to say you want to make out with me, sorry, you're not my type." - Hardin

Chapter 10

  • Tessa is crying. She is upset and hates college life.
  • She has no idea how to get back to the dorms, and realizes that this is why she plans everything out.
  • Tessa makes her way into a bathroom and calls Noah, telling him that she is at a party.
  • Someone needs the bathroom, she hang up on Noah and opens the door to face Hardin.

Chapter 11

  • Tessa can't stop staring into Hardin's green eyes. She tries to push past him, but he grabs her.
  • Hardin wants to know if she's been crying.
  • Hardin is concerned and tells her that he has found a room for them to stay in.
  • Tessa likes this Hardin and after falling asleep in the room, has dreams of him.

Noteable Quotes

  • "I am begging you, if you have one decent bone in your body you will leave me be. Just save whatever mean comment you are going to say for tomorrow." - Tessa
  • "My thoughts are all over the place as I fall asleep, and images of clouded roses and angry green eyes flow through my dreams."

Chapter 12

  • Tessa wakes up the next morning to find Hardin cleaning up the mess that everyone has left.
  • Tessa is trying to figure out if Nate lives there as she wants a ride home. He tells her where the bus is and she heads off to find Steph.
  • Steph says they aren't going to take the bus, that Hardin will take them to the dorm and he agrees.

Noteable Quotes

  • "Okay, now you have my attention." - Hardin

Chapter 13

  • The weekend passes fast. Tessa has gone clothes shopping, but she is worried what Hardin would think of her outfits.
  • It's the first day of classes. Tessa walks into her history class early, where she finds a boy there alone. He is early just like she is.
  • We meet Landon Gibson. Landon and her get to know eachother.
  • When she heads to her last class of the day - British Literature - Hardin is in her class. Landon is surprised that she knows Hardin.
  • After class, Landon and Tessa leave. She realizes that Hardin is walking next to her. She is annoyed and doesn't understand why he's close.
  • Landon leaves them - Hardin and Tessa walk and talk.

Noteable Quotes

  • "You would find the lamest kid in class to befriend." - Hardin
  • "You're becoming more feisty with each chat we have, Theresa." - Hardin

Chapter 14

  • The week has passed - it's Friday - and she runs into Molly who asks if she's going to the party.
  • Molly tells Tessa that Zed wants to see her. Tessa says that she has a boyfriend, and Molly sarcastically says that they could have double dated.
  • Tessa is now concerned if Molly and Hardin are dating.
  • Tessa meets Landon at the coffee shop, where he tells her that he's leaving early in order to go visit his girlfriend.
  • In class Hardin sits next to her again. The class has a discussion on Pride and Prejudice, which is one of Tessa's favorites.
  • Hardin and her get into a dramatic discussion - because Tessa is one of those that likes Mr. Darcy - after class. He's under her skin.
  • Teresa calls Noah after Hardin leaves to even her out.
  • When Tessa gets back to the dorms she finds Steph getting ready for a party. Tessa decides to go after her computer screen goes black.
  • She tells Steph they won't be staying over again and are leaving before midnight.

Noteable Quotes

  • "To bad, we could have double-dated." - Molly
  • "I'm sure that you aren't able to comprehend Mr. Darcy's appeal." - Tessa
  • "A man who is rude and intolerable being made into a romantic hero? It's ridiculous." - Hardin

Chapter 15

  • Tessa gets dressed and Steph actually likes her outfit. She tells her that Molly is picking them up.
  • Tessa finds out that Molly is not dating Hardin.
  • The party is the same and the group decides to play Truth or Dare.
  • Tessa wants to not play, but Hardin tells her to stop being a prude. It's during this game of Truth or Dare that the room finds out she's a virgin.

Noteable Quotes

  • "She's just bitchy and too honest sometimes. And I think she's intimidated by you." - Steph
  • "Hardin doesn't date. He fucks with a lot of girls, but he doesn't date anyone. Ever." - Steph
  • "To actually play, she would have to stop being a prude for five minutes." - Hardin

Chapter 16

  • The game of Truth or Dare is taking a turn. Hardin says that Tessa will pick truth, so she picks dare. She is dared to drink, and keeps getting dared to drink. Tessa is drunk for the first time.
  • When Hardin is dared to kiss Tessa, but Tessa says no, she's got a boyfriend.
  • She heads outside and calls Noah. Noah knows she is drunk and Tessa hangs up the phone.
  • Tessa heads back inside and drinks more. She finds herself heading into Hardin's room and going through his stuff.
  • Hardin walks in and see's her and they start to argue.
  • Tessa wants to know why he doesn't like her.

Noteable Quotes

  • "Take your shirt off and keep if off the entire game!" - Molly
  • "How did I find myself in the middle of this group of hormonal college rock-and-roll misfits?"
  • "I can't believe you have never been drunk before, Tessa. It's fun, right?" - Zed
  • "What part of 'No One Comes Into My Room' did you not understand?" - Hardin
  • "Why don't you like me?" - Tessa
  • "I don't really think my already wounded ego can take the answer."

Chapter 17

  • Hardin tells Tessa all the reasons that he doesn't like her.
  • Tessa is offended with all that he is saying and becomes very defensive.
  • Tessa starts to leave to take the bus, but Hardin tells her that it's too late. She starts crying.
  • Teresa sits on Hardins bed and they start to talk about what happens after college.
  • Hardin insults Noah, referring to him as "Mr. Rogers."
  • Tessa storms out of the room and runs out into Zed. He introduces her to Logan.
  • Fifteen minutes later Zed and Logan have her laughing.
  • Tessa wants to leave and runs into Hardin.
  • She returns to Zed and Logan after a verbal exchange with Hardin, because she knows it'll make him mad.

Noteable Quotes

  • "With your stupid pleated skirts, I mean, honestly, who dresses like that at eighteen?" - Hardin.
  • "I don't want to be friends with you anyway, Hardin." - Tessa
  • "If you throw up in my room..." - Hardin
  • "You bring out the worst in me." -Tessa
  • "Your boyfriend. He is the biggest tool I have ever seen." - Hardin on Noah.
  • "Well, I know that he's boring. I could tell by his cardigan and loafers." - Hardin on Noah.
  • " Well, he has been dating you for two years and hasn't fucked you yet, so I would say he is a square." - Hardin on Noah.
  • "Your newfound alcoholic lifestyle has you stuck here again." - Hardin

Chapter 18

  • Zed tells Tessa she can come to his place and sleep on the couch, but she declines incase Steph comes back. She lays in a room with a guy who is already asleep.
  • She is trying to sleep, but the guy in the room wakes up and comes on to her. Fear for not being assaulted, she knees him and runs.
  • Tessa runs right to Hardin's room.
  • Hardin wakes up, half asleep. He sees the guy coming and lets Tessa inside.
  • Hardin seems concerned for a moment and makes sure she wasn't assaulted.
  • Tessa feels something and kisses Hardin, catching him off guard.

Noteable Quotes

  • "Hardin! Hardin please open the door!" - Tessa
  • "It's not your fault that he did that. You aren't used to this type of... situation." - Hardin
  • "I have no plans on getting used to it. This really is the last time I am coming here, or to any parties for that matter." - Tessa
  • "I hadn't noticed how gray your eyes are." - Hardin
  • I look at his lips once more, and I can feel my conscience and my hormones battling.

Chapter 19

  • Tessa and Hardin are kissing. She can't stop. We're finally getting the heat people! (Please see pages 70-72)
  • Hardin pulls back, then pulls her hips closer to him, lying back, never breaking their kiss. She then thinks of Noah.
  • As they pull away, the hardness of his eyes returns.
  • Tessa apologizes and Hardin tells her not to. People kiss all the time.
  • Tessa asks that no one ever finds out. He says he wouldn't want anyone else to know.
  • Hardin says she can stay the night.
  • Tessa says no and leaves. She looks at her phone and realizes her mother and Noah have been trying to reach her.
  • She doesn't think she can be mad at Noah, as she just cheated.

Noteable Quotes

  • "It was just a kiss: people kiss all the time." - Hardin
  • "Don't think because you kissed me, basically against my will , we have some sort of bond now." - Hardin
  • "You can stay in here tonight since you have nowhere else to go." - Hardin

Chapter 20

  • Tessa walks back to the dorm, replaying the events in her mind.
  • When she makes back to the dorm, Hardin is there.
  • Hardin has been driving around looking for her. She tries to get him to leave.
  • Tessa's mother shows up with Noah.
  • Noah is staring at hardin. Her mother is freaking out and Hardin and her won't back down to her.
  • Hardin leaves.
  • Tessa's mother decides to take her to breakfast and shopping, after she changes. Hardin is still waiting outside the door to make sure that she's okay.

Noteable Quotes

  • And because I can no longer read his expressions, and because Steph is who-knows-where and I'm alone with him, the person who seems to be the real danger to me, all I can do is laugh. It's a wild laugh. It's a wild laugh, ragged and not really me.
  • "Oh my God, Hardin, get in the closet." - Tessa
  • "I am not hiding in the closet. You're eighteen." - Hardin
  • "Tattooed troublemaker in your room at six a.m.!" - Tessa's Mom
  • "He's an immovable object, she's an unstoppable force. Maybe this would be a good fight."
  • "Tessa, you are out of control. I can smell the liquor on you from here, and I can only assume that this is the influence of your lovely roommate and him." - Tessa's Mom
  • "And for the first time he looks vulnerable, and maybe a little hurt."
  • "I don't really like that guy." Noah says, and I nod.
    "Me either." I whisper.
    But I know I'm lying.

So we're not that far into the book and we're getting to know the characters of the book. Tessa and Hardin definitely have some sexual chemistry going on. Here's our book club questions.

  1. Tessa is on a mission to please her Mom her entire life - live up to her standards. It doesn't take too long before she's already talking back to her mother and not letting her control her. What is it you think makes Tessa fearless when talking back to her mother and standing up for herself after starting college?
  2. Noah seems like a safe choice for a boyfriend. He seems to be stable. Do you think that Tessa chooses Noah her entire life because her father isn't around?
  3. Tessa is a planner. Why do you think that she feels the obsessive need to plot out every moment of her life?
  4. Based on Tessa and Hardin's kiss, and he's really into it, do you think that he enjoyed it more than he wanted to and that's why he becomes defensive? Do you think that this is the point that he starts to develop feelings for her?
  5. What do you think it is about Hardin that makes Tessa attracted to him?
  6. What are your favorite quotes from chapter 1-20?
  7. Why does Tessa dress like a nun? Do you think that she dresses conservately because she is afraid of people noticing her? Does it all lead back to Daddy issues?

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