It’s Time For @Wattpad Friday: ‘Budding Roses’ by @OhSoSmitho

So, I will be honest with you – I didn’t realize that I was going to love something as much as I love ‘The Budding Roses.’ I was sent the link from a friend who told me that I needed to sit down and read this book, because I would laugh from beginning to end. And I will tell you this – Ally Buckle – is a talented writer who needs to be recognized.

Our Blurb: Budding Roses is a non-stop laughter from beginning to end. From the first page to the last you feel as though Ally has crawled into your head and written what it’s like for girls to grow up, experience life, love, and all the messy fantastic things in between.

Synopsis: Set amidst a chaos of hilarity in 1990’s Brighouse, West Yorkshire, The Budding Roses is a classic Young Adult coming of age novel which follows the anxious voice of teenager, Simone Rose, and her descent in to panic, as she struggles to cope with the all-consuming occupation of lusting after boys and the emotional exhaustion of never being able to find the right one. As Baywatch plays on the television Simone has just vomited for the twelfth time, which as she has established has to be God’s secret punishment for her recent transgression with the loathsome Harry Styles. At least she has Baywatch to maintain her spirits during illness, and it is from her sick bed that she falls in love for the first time with tanned, floppy haired Adonis, life guard Eddie Kramer. Powered back to health by her emerging amour, Simone soon realises that the coal blackened streets of Brighouse offer just as many hotties as the far flung beaches of Southern California. If only best friend, precocious know it all, Natasha could share her romantic sensibilities instead of chasing after Harry and his stupid football or worse still High School’s newest hero, Liam Payne. Why can’t such losers bog off and stop embarrassing her with their immaturities? Unfortunately for Simone, such luck is not to be hers.

What We Loved:

The Humor – Ally’s humor is effortless. She draws you in with quick witted one liners, and such descriptive prose. I will never look at crushes the same way again. Sometimes humor is forced, but in Budding Roses, it is just Simone, and so natural. That’s refreshing.

The Best Friend Drama – Girls will be girls, and as much as we all love our best friends, there are times where we are like so over it. But Ally gets that, and writes how girl friendships truly are and how they can be. We love that she doesn’t force relationships.

The Innocence of Simone – Simone’s innocence is refreshing. She’s in no hurry to grow up and in no hurry to stay young. But who she is – it’s just absolutely beautiful and reminds you that yes, life can be complex, but it can be beautiful and simple too.

The Fan Fiction – Yes, this is fan fiction, but it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like a good book that you just can’t let go of.

Written As A Diary – The way that The Budding Rose is written, it’s as if you are in a diary. That’s part of the beauty of it – you read the book and feel as if you are in Simone’s head.

If you want to read a great story that will have you laughing, smiling, and remembering what it’s like to grow up – or just growing up now, read The Budding Rose now. 

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