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It’s Time for @Wattpad Fridays: ‘Body Rock’ by @doeneseya

It’s Time for @Wattpad Fridays: ‘Body Rock’ by @doeneseya

It’s Wattpad Friday, and the story of the week is Body Rock by Doeneseya Bates.

Now I know what you are going to say. Erin, you are reading a book about Justin Beiber. I know, I know – I am hanging my head in shame too. But the thing is that I actually really liked it. Here’s the thing about fan fiction – it’s not necessarily about the fandom – it’s about the story.

When I first heard about Body Rock, I started reading up on it online. Like any other good story, you have the good and the bad. The people who are pissed and the people who love. And once I read that it was about Justin Beiber, I knew that shit was about to get really real. Beleibers aren’t to be screwed with, so anything that can potentially take Justin in a light that they don’t want… well – they get angry.

But as much as you want to think that this story is about Justin – it’s more about Marissa.

Life for Marissa has never been easy. She came from a very humbling early life. She struggles with abuse, trust issues, and insecurities. Does that sound familiar to you? For Marissa, that has never stopped her from going after her dreams. She has the audition of her life coming up and she’s not letting anybody get in the way of her success.

I thought that this story could do a lot in the sense that – in my opinion – it tells girls not to let someone get in the way of their dreams. Marissa makes sure that she follows her dreams, that she works her ass off to get to where she needs to be. She lands a spot on Justin Beiber’s tour and in turn ends up landing Justin Beiber.

But Marissa stays strong. She goes through some serious abuse and has to find her own worth. You root for her to survive and hope that she does. As every turn in her life happens, you cry with her, struggle for her, and scream for to realize her worth. But then as you get to the end and you think that you have made it through the worst with her, you realize you have no idea just how much is yet to come.

Body Rock is the first in a series. I am working on reading the second book in the series right now, and the best thing is you can see the authors growth with each chapter. She becomes more confident in her writing and the emotion is raw and flows off the page.

You need to be reading Body Rock right now, especially if you like After by Anna Todd. It’s akin to it – not the same, but it’s really good. Overlook the Justin Beiber thing and you will be fine!

I can’t even believe that I am saying it either. But Body Rock is a guilty pleasure read. You’ll enjoy it! And no, I am not kidding.

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