'iZombie' Season 3 Review: Drowning in Brains

‘iZombie’ 3×11 Review: Conspiracy Weary

iZombie‘s ‘Conspiracy Weary’ saw Liv Moore being the kind of zombie I knew she could be all season long. She solved crimes with Clive, spent time with Peyton, rescued Ravi, and ate a brain without losing herself to it. There was a balance, an understanding of who she was and how far she’s come. She was everything I’ve wanted and more!

Besides Liv and her brilliance, this episode also saw Major Lilywhite being duped and hurt by someone he thought he could trust. The fact that they keep testing this character just as D-Day is here, leads me to believe that he’s going to falter soon. He’s going to stop being the Major Lilywhite we know and love and I’m not ready for that.

Without further ado, let’s dive into ‘Conspiracy Weary’!

This is The Liv Moore We Want

All season it’s been a back and forth with Liv where we saw little moments of her personality and huge chunks of the brain she was consuming. This badass, confident, engaging Liv that rescues her friends, spends time with her BFF, and can clearly distinguish the parts of her that are brain and or just Liv in ‘Conspiracy Weary’, is the Liv Moore I want.

There were multiple moments in this episode where she or other characters pointed out when she was tipping too far into the brain she’d consumed. And instead of brushing them off and acting like they were in the wrong, she listened. She knew what parts of her belonged to her and it felt like looking at someone I haven’t seen all season long when she was engaging with Peyton, solving a crime with Clive, or rescuing Ravi.

I understand that she was hurting and that killing Drake threw her for a tail spin that made her want to hide. But that’s something that would’ve been better to know from the start or at least a couple episodes in, instead of near the end of the season. There were no breadcrumbs to lead me to believe that this episodes version of Liv was hiding underneath all of the blue brain.

Here’s hoping that iZombie learns from this little stumble and steers clear of it in Season 4.

Major Lilywhite Deserves Better

When Shauna appeared on the scene I was hesitant and weary. The way they met was awkward for sure because the only time we’ve seen a woman respond or like a possible killer is when she herself is crazy like a bag of cats. But against my better judgement and the fact that this girl popped out of nowhere, I gave her a chance. After ‘Conspiracy Weary’ I should’ve listened to the weary side of me. Shauna ended up being a woman who exploited, profiteered, and thought that she could fix Major.

Major is a sweet, caring, and a trustworthy man. And the introduction of Shauna, and his involvement with Max Rager last season, seems to be a test to see how far we can push this man and change him forever. Luckily for us, he’s holding on. He’s persisting and trying to be the good man he’s always been despite the shit storm that keeps coming his way. But how long will that last?

There’s something in the air when it comes to Major, something brewing that is ready to tip him off the edge into uncharted territory where we lose the kind and gentle Major. We saw a glimpse of that moment when he learned about Shauna’s tumblr, when he saw the shirts, and heard the radio broadcast. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t fall too far and that his friends are there to help him back up.

D-Day is Here! Run?

I’m not going to lie. Now that D-Day is here…I’m not that worried. Don’t get me wrong, I love the threat of it all. Exposing the zombie secret would change this show dramatically and the world that these characters live in. And technically the secret is out in the form of Youtube videos and that article published by Ravi’s backstabbing new love interest. I’m still not worried.

Humans don’t want to believe. Sure, there are more crazies like the Truthers looking to cause trouble and get up in arms. But the majority of people will believe the probable instead of the improbable. They don’t want their bubble to pop and will believe that it was a prank or a viral video before they think a zombie apocalypse is coming.

That news article with Liv’s zombie face on it (which how did that girl get that photo anyway) can easily be explained away as a prank by a local paper. The video of Don-E can be viral campaign for a new zombie movie starring Don-E. Each and every single situation can be explained away for now. The zombie secret might come out some day, but that day isn’t here yet. Unless I’m absolutely wrong and everyone is suddenly into believing.

If so, bring it on. The zombie secret being out for Season 4 would be game changing!

Favorite Scene from Conspiracy Weary:

Don E was way too excited for this three-way.


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