Jai Courtney is now an Underwear Model… You’re Welcome

Jai Courtney in underwear.

Guys, I sound like a complete perv saying he looks hot – but I accept that. Those abs… seriously.

Jai is the new face of Bonds Underwear. The face and the body that just makes you drool.

He said that his workouts for Terminator gave him the confidence to take it all off.

“It came about at a time when I was in the throes of having to get into shape for [The Terminator] film I’m working on — so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for an underwear campaign, that’s for sure.”

We saw you on the set of Divergent and your body was… well you shouldn’t be ashamed to take it off when need be.

On being part of the brand –

“I guess that alleviated a little of the anxiety that would have come about with the nature of this kind of shoot. But I’m proud to be associated with the brand they’re obviously an iconic part of Australian history really”.

We’ll take it. Cause dear Lord … wow.



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