Jaimie Alexander defends Chris Hardwick

“It’s better that you don’t know your heroes, they could disappoint you,” My grandmother warned me when I was about nine years old, when I told her about my desire to meet a witch named Sabrina, some friends called Chadler, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Joey or a warrior named Sailor Moon. I didn’t understand it then, how could they disappoint me? Now, with age, I get what she meant: the people who give life to our fictional heroes may not be so great. This little anecdote is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the disappointing defense by Jaimie Alexander, our Romi/Jane, of her friend Chris Hardwick, famous American presenter recently accused of emotional abuse and sexual assault by his ex Chloe Dykstra .

Jaimie hasn’t hesitated to defend Chris through Twitter making it clear that she has known him for 10 years, she would have known that he was an abuser and that having personal knowledge of the situation she has chosen to follow her instinct and her heart in defending her friend. In addition, she also asked for community support to sign a petition so that AMC – the American network that Chris worked for and fired him when accusations of emotional abuse and sexual assault came to light – rehire him.


Said request has, as a letter of presentation the following words:
“If you are tired of the Hollywood Accusations then the petition below and tell AMC to bring Chris Hardwick Back!”

Jaimie’s behavior has disappointed me personally. I would say that knowing a person for 10 years doesn’t mean that you can claim that he isn’t an abuser. Very often these people have the ability to wear a mask, and they know how to disguise who they are in the privacy of their homes when they have no company that looks at them, judges them or prevents them from doing anything.

In addition, the petition for Chris to return that Jaimie supports and asks to be signed, is not only something totally wrong – because, although some would say the accusations should not be enough to cost him his job, the truth of the matter is that he shouldn’t be working while such serious allegations are being investigated, and his employer has every right to make this call.

On top of that, the letter of presentation for that petition is insulting. Those words “being tired of the Hollywood accusations” are trying to crush the testimony not only of Chloe Dykstra, but of all the enormously courageous and admirable women who have denounced their abusers. The words attempt to discredit them, crush them and silence their voices, as if they were just made up stories, and that’s something that nobody should support.

That Jaimie has shared something like this in her social media, if I’m being totally honest with you, disgusts me.

I can understand the innate need to come to a friend’s defense, but I think that with this very sensitive and serious issue, Jaimie shouldn’t have taken those accusations so lightly. We need to believe victims. And she could have – and should have – taken the example of Aisha Tyler, another one of Hardwick’s friends, who was very clear in saying: I won’t defend him, because I don’t know and I support women.

Fortunately, lately, the brave women who survived despicable people are raising their voices to denounce those who continuously attempt to silence them. And Jaimie, it seems to me, should have reflected on these accusations before discarding them and supporting a petition that discredits not just one women, but all.

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