James Cameron and His Inability To Stop Being A Cry-Baby

Hey James Cameron? How about you just don’t? Maybe just sit there and pretend like you don’t have an opinion? That’d be wonderful, right?

Listen, I get it. Losing the Oscar for Best Director to your ex-wife hurts. But throwing Wonder Woman under the bus because you’re a cry-baby isn’t conducive to your own work or society.

Sorry, let me explain. Man-baby James Cameron decided to say that Wonder Woman was a set back for film making. Why? Probably because women doing anything frighten him. Mainly because then his movies wouldn’t exist. Since the only good thing he’s ever done is Titanic.

Honestly, is it surprising? Men want to feel important and when they don’t they get upset. Especially when they’re white men. Now to put into perspective, I can say this. I’m a white woman who loves white men. But I’m also aware that they suck unless their names are Chris Pine or Henry Cavill.

But this is absolutely insane. To say that Wonder Woman is a set back is to look at the success of that movie and think “well a man didn’t direct it” clear and simple. If it was a man who had taken it on, this wouldn’t be a problem. But because it was Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, suddenly men, specially white men, feel as if their existence is threatened.

Well, welcome to the club. Y’all can still walk down the street without fear but god forbid a woman direct a movie! How dare we think we can make content? Especially in your precious comic book universe?

Now the whole situation would have been fine if men didn’t start coming after Patty Jenkins on Twitter because of it. Because, of course, my love of Patty knows no bounds and she tweeted a response to Cameron’s remarks.

If you look at the comments, you’ll see me screaming. Why? Because I think it’s due time for men to just shit up. We’ve endured it since the dawning of time and enough is enough. Y’all can have whatever opinions you want but keep them to yourself.

No one cares if you don’t like Wonder Woman. It isn’t for you.

I like hot actors and I like to talk about them. It is pretty much my game plan.