Jared Padalecki leaves JIBCON due to exhaustion


Man, SPN fans. I knew Jared was pushing himself HARD. BUT I assumed he had been getting rest. Apparently not.

I was alarmed when I saw his tweets on May 15th:

As was the rest of the fandom.

However yesterday Zap2It published an article stating that Jared was suffering from exhaustion and he just needed to rest. “Jared has pushed himself to his limits and is suffering from exhaustion.” says the statement released to the website via Jared and his manager. Catch the article here: Jared Padalecki: Fans’ love and support is ‘going to good use’

Jared himself also tweeted yesterday:

Two fundraisers and filming season 10 was just too much for the poor Moose. I’m glad he’s doing better.  

Jared, much love to you from the Supernatural fandom! We’ll absolutely continue to pour love, well-wishing, and good thoughts your direction. And please, PLEASE try not to exhaust yourself again! You may be an incredible human — but even humans need sleep! 

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