Jeff Davis Talks Teen Wolf Gay Love Scenes and Pushing the Envelope


That howling you hear? Werewolves from your television set. Or it could also be fans of Teen Wolf howling for the hot guys of Beacon Hills. Either way it’s a sign that MTV’s hit supernatural drama is back for a third season.

Four months have passed in the world of Teen Wolf, and while troublemaker Jackson will no longer be around (actor Colton Haynes left for the CW’s Arrow) there’s a new pack of Alphas to stir things up and make life hard for Scott, Stiles, Derek, Danny, Isaac and the rest of the gang.

The man behind Teen Wolf, out creator Jeff Davis, was clearly excited about fans seeing the new season when we talked last week. He shared details about what we can expect.

TheBacklot: Scott (Tyler Posey) continues to evolve. This season we see him developing his mind as well as his body. Is that going to serve him well with what’s coming this season?

Jeff Davis: Yes, absolutely. You definitely see Scott this season trying to be much more of a strategist. He’s caught in a lot of difficult choices later on in the season and part of becoming the werewolf he should be is developing his mind as well. He has to become sort of a general in charge of his troops and that doesn’t always mean brute force, but actually strategic intelligence, cunning.

Is Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) folded into Scott’s journey or does he have a journey of his own this season?

Oh, he has a very big journey this season. He gets some of the best character stuff. His character is one of the ones that changes the most and I think episode 8, which is the flashback episode, will be very eye opening for the fans just how he came to be the person he is. So I think people are going to enjoy it.

We saw Dylan on New Girl with his shirt off so what does the new season hold for Stiles?

You’ll definitely see more Stiles. As for whether his shirt comes off, that may remain within the realm of other shows.

Judging from the first two episodes it looks like Isaac’s (Daniel Sharman) going to play a bigger role this season. Is that safe to say? Because he definitely has some big stuff going on in both episodes.

Yeah, absolutely. We really wanted to focus on his character. You learn a good bit more about him in episode six especially, but when we sat down to talk about this new season we definitely decided we wanted to get Isaac in on the action and have a little more fun with him. He’s the kind of character who is becoming a hero, but he still has that bit of bad boy in him.


Let’s talk about Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) because you’ve been hinting for awhile now that he’s going to get some action, and it looks like it could be with one of these twins. What can you tell me?

Yes, Danny has become the target with one of the twins played by Charlie Carver. And whether the intent is to harm Scott… or for other reasons, you’ll have to wait and see. But being that they’re alphas, I would be very suspicious.

Is it safe to say you’re going to push the envelope a little bit with a potential sex scene with the guys?

You’ll have to wait a few episodes for that, but I would say that it’s within the realm of our other Teen Wolf sex scenes. We can’t show too much on our network and our time slot, but I think we push the envelope. We haven’t hit Spartacus levels, but you’ll see. I’ll just say that one of the standards and practices notes is ‘no thrusting.’

Since you’re a twin, Jeff, can you tell the Carver twins apart just by looking at them?

Yes, I can now. They’re very easy to tell apart now and they have very different personalities.

Have you been able to delve into some twin stories that you maybe have been wanting to do just because of your own personal experience?

A little bit. Some of the myths about twins you could say, like do they feel each other’s pain and just how connected are twins? So we get a little bit of that, but as they are the villains of the story, they also have to play that role…I also like how Charlie and Max do a really good job of differentiating their characters through the season. Their personality quirks and their desires and their motivation.

The new alphas seem to have different powers than what we’ve seen with Derek and even what abilities Scott has been developing. What can you say about that?

I would say that they definitely have their individual talents. Not necessarily that the abilities of what a werewolf can do have changed, but Kali uses the claws on her feet. Deucalion has certain abilities that show a great power of the werewolves that we haven’t seen yet, and of course the twins, which everyone will know about after the first episode… which was something very new for us to do. But they’re still very much in the realm of our shapeshifter lore.

Now that you know the characters well and you’re knee-deep in the mythology of it, is it more fun for you to be working on the show this season?

It is. It’s challenging as ever because we’re constantly striving to do things far beyond our means. I feel like with season two we asked the audience permission to go crazy with the show and they said yes. So now we’re telling the story exactly the way we want to, and there’s crazy stuff that happens in this season. And it’s like I’ve seen something online where people said, ‘They spoiled the whole season,’ and I said to those fans, ‘You don’t even know a hint of what’s going to happen.’

We just have so much fun. We have the Alpha pack. We have these great, great actors playing these characters and we have teenagers becoming heroes and we have all these supernatural qualities. So it’s really not just a story about a teen wolf anymore. It’s a show about a kid with supernatural abilities and these friends who are helping him protect the people he loves and his family. We’re becoming very much a comic book superhero story as well as one where we get to do a horror movie or an action movie once a week. One of the great things about this show too is that we allow ourselves to cross these different genres. We get to be funny, we get to be scary, we get to be romantic and we get to be thrilling and action packed.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.